Is Shopify Good For Blogging

Is Shopify Good For Blogging?

There are millions of blog posts written, every day.  There is so much content on the net that it is sometimes impossible to find what you are searching for.  Among this huge ocean of content making your blog stand out requires a lot of effort.

Thanks to Shopify, these platforms give you a way to make your content stand out in the crowd and to drive traffic and sales to your Store.  Shopify is an E-Commerce platform that can be used to set up an online store.  At the time when you start to set up the store, there is an automatic generation of a news feed page.  You may consider changing the name of the page or writing new content to make your blog page more interesting.

This page can also be used as a form of online marketing as you can write about the products that are available in the store to highlight the specialty about them or create awareness about the discount schemes that are being offered by writing some blogs on these topics and posting them on the news feed page.

If you are already using WordPress for another platform for blogging,  you can also pair the same with the Shopify platform.  However, there could be some hiccups in the way as Shopify themes do not always go well with third-party platforms.  Nevertheless, it is possible to add blogs to your blog page that can create a hyperlink to another platform with the content on it.

 Know the basics of blogging with Shopify

Generally, Shopify is the platform that has the embedded capabilities to merge The E-Commerce blogs that you create. It is free, easy, and quick to start and covers all the basics about blogging. You can not only insert written content but can also insert hyperlinks and images related to the blog.

Your blogs can be search engine optimized so that they rank higher during searches.  This is a good way of advertising as this feature can be used to drive in more traffic or turn more customers to your Store. The SEO features provide the options for the selection of titles that rank higher during searches.  You will also be able to schedule posts to be published in the future by adding tags to them.  Shopify blog page does provide all the functionality that you will need to create your blogs.

 Benefits of using Shopify blog

 Some benefits of using a Shopify blog are:

  • Highlight products of your store which helps you to retain customers
  • Your store and blog page remains on the same site as they can be interlinked and can help each other
  • What you are creating as blog content can be managed online on the Shopify platform from the admin area itself
  • Very convenient and easy to use functions,  with added features for incorporating images and links.

How to create your Shopify blog

Creating a blog on Shopify is very simple and can be done from the Shopify admin area. First, you have to click on the ‘’online store’’ option in the left menu bar.  From here you have to click on the ‘’submit a new blog post’’.  There is an option to manage blogs in the top right from where you have to click the button ‘’Add blogs’’.

The next step is to attribute the name to the blog and then add it to the navigation menu.

The design of your blog page will be similar to the Shopify theme that has been used for your store. However, certain parts of the news feed page can be customized. You can create separate blog pages as a part of a single site depending upon the categories of content that you would like to create.  Since it is not advised to post blogs about different niches together on the same blog page,  you can create separate pages for different categories of blogs.

Features of Blogs created on Shopify

The most important part of blogging is the content of the blogs.  It all depends upon the topic that you cover and the authenticity of the information that is provided in your blogs. You have to make sure that your blogs are created are related to topics that the readers are expecting to find out about.  If your blogs are written well enough then they can be shared across all platforms from Shopify.  Shopify has the feature to help people explore and share your content very easily.

Not only can Shopify manage your content, but you can also manage the reviews that are posted against your blogs. You have the option of disabling comments on your blogs. This might make your blog less interactive with the community and difficult to build the reader base however if you feel that you need to save on investment of your time on certain blogs then there is this option that you can explore.

You will also have the control to decide what kind of comments shows up on your site.  However, this requires a lot of monitoring and is a time-consuming process. 

You have the choice where you can put your view option to ‘’comment automatically published’’. Here all types of comments will be published without your manual intervention or preferential option.  This is a quicker option butt causes the risk of displaying negative comments about your site and its products.  So if you are conscious about what kind of reviews are posted on your site, then it is suggested to have some control over the reviews that are allowed to be posted on your site.

Shopify completely gives you the freedom to choose a date and time when you would like your blog to get published.  This way you can schedule your blogs to coincide with any promotional events about which you are writing the blog. You can also schedule the publishing of multiple blogs spanned over a specific period like a week or a month.  This way you can set your time to create blogs automatically.

Shopify blog has the feature of displaying an excerpt of a blog post.  This gives the readers a peek into the content of the blog.  This can also include text images and links. 

You can assign one or more links for your blog post so that it is easier for the customers to find the blog posts in that category.  When the customer searches for the specific tag, blogs related to that category will appear to the reader.

Shopify blogs can be synced with social media buttons like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other platforms.  If you find that the theme that you are using doesn’t include this button then there are also applications on the Shopify platform that will allow you to integrate these buttons.  You can also customize by changing the layout of the codes behind the Shopify themes.

Featuring your blog post

At times you might find that there are some of your blogs that might do better than the others.  These blogs will be read more often and will bring in more traffic to your site.  If you would like to feature such blog posts, then it will be very easy for the customers to read this post and relate to the products.  Using Shopify you can feature such blog posts to your site’s home page.

Adding apps to increase the functionality of your blog page

You can use lots of apps while building your online store on the Shopify platforms to give it enhanced features and functionality.  The same applies to blog posts as well, where you can add certain apps to customize their functionality for the store owner as well as the customers.  

 Some of the popular apps are used are:


This is an app that allows comment sharing over your blog.  With the help of this App, you can specify if you would like any of your blogs to be discussed and gain more popularity.  With the addition of this App,  you can encourage more readers to engage with your blog by posting comments and replying to some of the comments. this app comes with a free 7-day trial after which it becomes chargeable.


This app allows your customers, or readers, to share your blog around several platforms.  Since Shopify does not merge with all platforms and there can be some platforms that might not sync well for blogs to be shared from Shopify,  this app provides the connectivity to sync such platforms with Shopify. 

The analytics behind the app also gives you an insight into how many times has the blog been shared and details of the persons who have shared the blog.  You will also be able to find out the followers of the blog and other valuable statistics.

Not only this you can also add related posts to your blog page,  which will display similar articles or blogs.  This gives the readers a better chance to stay on your site thereby increasing engagement and also giving a boost to your SEO.


If you have been using platforms like  WordPress to create your blogs,  then you might feel that some features are not added to the Shopify platform.  However, the highlighting point is that you can sync both your online store with your blogs to make your website more effective. 

Shopify allows optimizing your blog for the search engines thereby increasing more traffic to your site. This increases the chances of better customer engagement. Shopify also allows you to integrate other blogs that you might have created on different platforms.  Integration is mostly seamless between the blog and your eCommerce site,  however, there are a few platforms that do not integrate very well with the Shopify eCommerce platform.

The blogging option that is provided on the Shopify stores proves highly beneficial for the store owners, as they can create a niche for their products by writing about them. This gives the platform for discussing details about particular products and highlighting the ones that are bestsellers. These Blog posts can also increase the sale of such products that are good but miss out on searches and hence are low on sales. Though Shopify themes come with pre-created blogs, you can also create unique content to make them more interactive.

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