Is Aliexpress Estimated Delivery & Shipping Times Accurate?

I know it can be tiring to be waiting for your online orders to arrive from AliExpress

One of the downsides to using AliExpress is that its “Estimated Delivery” time may not always be as fast or accurate as you’d hope. Unlike the lightning-fast shipping we’ve come to expect from giants like Amazon, AliExpress relies on a complex shipping process with multiple carriers involved. 

So, the big question is: Can you trust AliExpress’s estimated delivery time? What does estimated delivery mean on Aliexpress?

 Let’s delve into the details to find out if they can deliver on their promises.

How long does it take for AliExpress to ship and deliver?

Here’s how long it takes for AliExpress to ship and deliver:

AliExpress Standard Shipping

Packages which are shipped through AliExpress Standard Shipping usually take 15 to 45 working days to arrive. 

Keep in mind that the actual delivery time can be affected by various factors, including the destination country, customs clearance procedures, and any unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or public holidays. 

It’s important to note that the estimated delivery time provided is just an estimate and not a guaranteed timeframe. Tracking your package regularly for updates on its status is the best practice to know when it will arrive. 

AliExpress Premium Shipping

For customers who prefer faster delivery, AliExpress offers Premium Shipping as an option. This shipping method typically provides an estimated delivery time of 7 to 15 working days. 

AliExpress Premium Shipping is generally faster compared to AliExpress Standard Shipping, but it may also be more expensive. 

You should also bear in mind that the exact delivery time of premium shipping can still be influenced by factors like customs procedures and other potential delays, but it aims to provide a quicker shipping option for those who are willing to pay a premium.

Is Aliexpress estimated Delivery and Shipping Times Accurate?

The accuracy of AliExpress’ estimated delivery and shipping times can vary. While AliExpress provides estimated delivery times for each product, they are not always guaranteed to be accurate due to several factors that can affect the actual delivery timeframe.

Supplier Variability: The estimated delivery times on AliExpress are provided by the sellers themselves, and each supplier may have different processing and shipping times. 

Some sellers may be prompt in processing and shipping orders, while others may experience delays. 

Customs Clearance: Different countries have different customs regulations and processes, which can cause delays during the clearance process. 

These delays are beyond the control of both AliExpress and the sellers, making it difficult to predict accurate delivery times.

Weather Conditions: As you may understand that weather conditions, such as storms, heavy snowfall, or natural disasters, can disrupt transportation and logistics networks. 

These weather-related disruptions can cause delays in shipping and delivery, affecting the accuracy of the estimated delivery times.

Unforeseen Circumstances: There can be unforeseen circumstances, such as strikes, political unrest, or public health emergencies, that can disrupt transportation and logistics operations. 

These unforeseen events can lead to delays in shipping and delivery, further affecting the accuracy of the estimated delivery times.

Times When Most Delays Occur With Aliexpress Shipping

Here are two main periods during which customers should be prepared for potential delays in AliExpress shipping: Q4 leading into Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Q4 Leading into Christmas

During the months of October, November, and December, there is a significant increase in sales and shipping volumes due to the holiday season, particularly with the approach of Christmas. 

This surge in demand can put a strain on suppliers, shipping carriers, manufacturers, and domestic postal services, leading to delays in processing and delivery. 

It’s important to anticipate longer shipping times and potential delays when ordering from AliExpress during this period.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China and typically falls between the end of January and mid-February (although the start date varies each year). 

It is a time when many factory workers take an extended break to celebrate with their families. During this period, many factories shut down or operate at a reduced capacity, which can cause disruptions in production and shipping. 

As a result, deliveries from suppliers in China may experience longer transit times and delays. It’s important to take into consideration the Chinese New Year period when planning your orders from AliExpress.

Does Aliexpress Delivery Tracking Provide Reliable Data? 

Now this is a question that many may not ask but is quite an important one. Is the tracking data itself so accurate? Well, it depends. 

AliExpress itself is not responsible for tracking, as it serves as a platform for buyers and sellers to conduct business. The accuracy and reliability of tracking information depend on the shipping carrier and how they manage their tracking systems.

AliExpress’s default shipping carrier, Cainiao, is a budget option that offers tracking information. However, you’d want to remind yourself that Cainiao has received some complaints regarding delays and packages sitting idle in warehouses for weeks. 

Naturally, this can cause frustration among customers who are eagerly waiting for their orders to arrive.

It’s important to understand that the accuracy of AliExpress tracking is not solely determined by AliExpress itself but rather by the shipping carrier chosen by the seller. 

Different shipping carriers may have different levels of reliability in terms of tracking updates and timely information.

If accurate tracking information is crucial to you, I’d advise you to consider choosing premium carriers such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx when placing an order on AliExpress. 

These carriers are generally known for their reliable tracking services. However, it’s important to keep in mind that using premium carriers may come with higher shipping costs.

Which AliExpress Shipping Method is Best?

Having used both, I would vouch for AliExpress Standard Shipping and there’s a good reason for it. It is reliable in terms of price, shipping times, and tracking information. 

It offers estimated delivery times ranging from 15 to 45 working days, which is generally reasonable for international shipments. 

While the delivery time can vary depending on various factors, the ones I discussed above, AliExpress Standard Shipping aims to provide a balance between affordability and reasonable shipping times.

AliExpress Standard Shipping also provides tracking information for orders, allowing you to monitor the progress of your shipment. I particularly like this option of visibility as it can help ease any concerns about the whereabouts of my order during the shipping process.

On the other hand, premium carriers such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx (FREE Dimensional Weight Calculator) will offer faster shipping times and more reliable tracking information. These premium shipping options are generally more expensive compared to AliExpress Standard Shipping. 

If you require faster delivery and are willing to pay a higher shipping cost, opting for a premium carrier may be a better choice. 

However, if you are looking for a cost-effective shipping method with reasonable shipping times and tracking information, I’d recommend AliExpress Standard Shipping. 

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How can I make my AliExpress ship faster?

To potentially make your AliExpress shipments arrive faster, you can consider the following tips and tricks:

Choose a Faster Shipping Method

Selecting a premium shipping method, such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx, can generally result in faster delivery times compared to standard shipping options. However, keep in mind that premium shipping methods are often more expensive.

Check Processing Times

Pay attention to the processing times mentioned by the sellers. Some sellers may take longer to process and ship orders, so choosing sellers with shorter processing times can help expedite the shipping process.

Opt for Local Warehouses

Look for sellers who have warehouses or stock in your country or region. By choosing sellers with local inventory, you can reduce shipping distances and potentially receive your items faster.

Prioritize Sellers with Good Ratings and Reviews

Buying from reputable sellers with positive ratings and reviews can increase your chances of getting your products delivered in time. Sellers with a strong track record tend to have efficient shipping processes and reliable customer service.

Communicate with Sellers

If you have specific time constraints or urgent delivery requirements, consider contacting the seller directly to discuss whether an expedited delivery is actually possible. Some sellers may be willing to accommodate your request for faster shipping at an additional cost.

Be Mindful of Peak Seasons and Holidays

During busy seasons like Q4 leading into Christmas or Chinese New Year, delays are normal due to high order volumes. It’s advisable to plan ahead and place your orders well in advance to avoid potential shipping delays during these periods.


How much is AliExpress Premium Shipping?

The cost of AliExpress Premium Shipping is $199 as of June 2023 although it can vary depending on several factors, including the weight and dimensions of the package, the destination country, and any additional services or options selected during the checkout process. The shipping cost will typically be calculated and displayed at the time of placing your order, allowing you to see the exact amount before making a purchase.

Does AliExpress ship on weekends?

The shipping and delivery process on AliExpress primarily takes place on weekdays, typically from Monday to Friday. While some sellers may process orders or prepare packages on weekends, the actual shipping and transportation by courier services usually do not occur on Saturdays or Sundays. Although they do operate on Saturdays at times. 

What shipping company does AliExpress use?

The default shipping carrier used by AliExpress is Cainiao, which is operated by the logistics company Alibaba Group. However, AliExpress also offers options to choose other shipping carriers such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, and more. The specific shipping carrier for your order will be determined by the seller and the shipping method you select during the checkout process.

How long does customs clearance take on AliExpress?

The duration of customs clearance for AliExpress shipments can vary from a few days to a few weeks. It would significantly depend on several factors, including the destination country’s customs procedures, the nature of the items being shipped, and any specific customs requirements or inspections that may be necessary. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know that AliExpress’s Estimated Delivery time is not always reliable or accurate. The complex shipping process involving multiple carriers and international logistics makes it challenging to provide accurate delivery estimates. 

While AliExpress strives to offer reasonable shipping times, factors such as customs clearance, supplier variability, and peak holiday seasons can lead to delays. 

I recommend my readers to consider these factors and plan accordingly when ordering from AliExpress, allowing for additional time to receive your items.

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