How To Make Your Product Stand Out Online

How To Make Your Product Stand Out Online – 5 Effective Ways

In the modern, competitive retail world, you need your product to stand out from other products on the online platform. It is crucial to do so if you want to draw consumers in whether your product is available online or on the shelf.

The products need to have something that makes them special and worthy of receiving shoppers’ attention. Nonetheless, just like shelf products, online products also need a good packaging design for the right balance of quality and value.

Also, you need to maintain transparency and spread a clear and concise message about your product. E-commerce can be a versatile, but also a volatile platform to sell products.

So, you need to be direct while telling your product’s story and keep communicating with your consumers. Moreover, you need to provide all details and specifications that current or prospective customers might need about the product. Building a trusted relationship can be beneficial in both the short and long run to increase sales.

Nowadays, online shopping has made many lives much easier. You can order anything to your door and have a variety of national and international products at your fingertips. Unlike retail stores, we are no longer limited when it comes to selecting and buying items that we need or like. Nevertheless, as amazing as all this may be, selling products online can be challenging as the market is getting more saturated every day.

How can you draw attention to your product and make it stand out online? Here are 5 effective ways to do it.

1. Intensive & Extensive Research

Research is always vital before you actually do something whether it be opening a business, or selling a product online. There is no better way to gain insight into the market and gain business than having the most interesting or the best product.

For example, it can be difficult if you are selling an already existing product that is already sold in bulk online. Also, you need to find out if your product is different or not from what is already out there.

The same task is needed if you are selling an entirely new product that is not currently on the market. Only when and if you know your target audience well then only you can gain business for your product.

Another method you can opt for is marketing your product as an update to an already existing product. You can research and add some newer technology or be updated with the newest trends in the particular industry.

Furthermore, selling a cutting-edge product means staying ahead of the competition. So, make sure to research the field, find trends, and create an air of originality around your product.

2. Platform Design

Almost all of the shoppers say that they value visual design or appearance over any other factors when shopping. So, whether you are selling your products on your own website, or selling it through a third-party e-commerce website, you need great visual designs to attract consumers. This puts graphic design in an even brighter spotlight making it extremely important for sales.

Having a creatively designed logo and website can help your product stand out online from other similar products that may use pre-made logos or layouts. It can be expensive to have a custom logo made professionally, but there are certain programs to help you create designs for less. Clear and vivid photos of the product are also important for your product presentation.

3. Unique Branding

There is more to a business than just the products and/or services they provide. A company needs unique branding for it to be memorable by its consumers. Branding makes each and every company different, but brands are built in similar ways. All businesses do it through graphic design, social media, advertisements, word-of-mouth, and customer service.

For e-commerce stores, their online presence will be very important to gain traffic. In addition, this traffic can increase the number of people looking at your product and hopefully buying it. So, you need a clear brand that you can associate your product with. This can in turn spread a consistent message and value for your product.

Creating original content is one of the common ways businesses use to increase their awareness. It is mostly achieved through shareable and interesting content like videos, photos, and blog posts.

4. Creative Marketing

Marketing is always an important aspect of any industry. Unique and interesting branding requires a large amount of customer engagement. So, you can also use this for other marketing purposes such as encouraging customers to share their purchase stories on social media.

You can take a step further and even do it on your official website where you sell your products. This can be a great strategy because you are not only engaging current customers, but also trying to make prospective customers interested in your products.

Creative marketing also involves word-of-mouth, which can be indirectly accomplished through your customers by public reviews like these. Also, you can set yourself apart by providing personalized notes along with each purchase of your product. But, this is only possible if you are not selling a huge amount of products every day. A personal touch with a purchase can make the consumer feel valued and special.

5. Emotions for Emotions

Try to generate powerful emotions for the visitors of your website and products. It is an effective way to make your product stand out even if it does not trigger a sale immediately. The specific feelings that people can experience while browsing your items online are bound to leave an impression if they cannot let it go while browsing your competition’s websites.

It is important to note that the “emotions for emotions” way is not about using highly emotive sales language. There are more effective ways to create emotions among your audience than just some focused words.

For example, a good way can be using a countdown timer at a visible place on the website or near the product on an e-commerce website. This can show exactly how many minutes, hours, or days they have left to grab the special offer. It is commonly known as the fear of missing out feeling that is incredibly useful for attracting impulsive consumers.


Opting for putting your product or products online can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. Most recently we have come to know the importance of doing business online because of pandemic. This has put both online and offline stores under a whole new perspective. Embracing the digital age and various marketing techniques can help you thrive and open new avenues for your sales.

Small businesses can greatly benefit from an online presence ensuring that people can easily find the products you are selling. It can also save a significant amount for advertising costs in the long run. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you need to emphasize the uniqueness of your product to stand out from the competition.

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