How to Make Dropshipping Video Ads With Vidnami

Content Samurai constantly release updates for the software, and the latest iteration is the chance to create viral videos with few clicks.

Today, we’ll learn how to create these viral ads for your dropshipping store using Content Samurai (Vidnami).

If you’ve tested products using images only, and you haven’t found successful items, then this article might be just what you need.

How to go viral with Vidnami

Creating viral videos with Content Samurai is seamless and requires just a few steps. Let’s dive into what you need to do.

First step

The first step is to find the content you want for your video; these may be either images or videos. Then, you want to leave them in a dedicated folder to locate them quickly.

You can even use screenshots from your supplier’s images of the product; just make sure they’re not pixelated and look good.

Another option is to go to YouTube and look for videos of your product. I’ve found videos readily available that I could use for Facebook Ads. Before searching, make sure to filter for creative commons; these are the ones you can use and edit freely without infringing any copyright.

After you’ve found a video for your product (checking for creative commons), download it. There are many services on the internet that let you just paste the video’s URL and download it in MP4; a Google search takes little time and yields countless results.

After downloading it, leave it on your ad folder.

Second step

Go to Content Samurai and click on the option to create a new video. This will take you to the templates interface.

You can use the platform to create videos for your blog as well as sales videos. Online courses also benefit from this tool as much as property listings. However, our focus today is social media videos.

You can click on a template’s thumbnail to see a preview. Click Play to start a demo. Once you’ve found a template that suits your needs, click on the button to use it.

Third step

The next step is to leave your text on the video. You can type it directly on your video or paste it from a script you already have.

Content Samurai creates scenes specifically for each sentence automatically. For this to work, you need to use a line for each sentence; don’t group them all.

Once this is ready, click on “edit your scenes”.

Fourth step

The next section is where you edit your videos per scene. If you click on “uploads”, you can add your images and videos from your folder. Check all the content before uploading your video to see that everything works properly.

Content Samurai works through scenes that make up the entire video. To add a new scene, you can click on the button with the same name above the previewer.

You then go into your content library (images and clips) and add new content to it.

You can use different images of your product, and you can edit the text both below and above the video. You just need to double click the bar to start editing. You have the option to adjust your background images as well, by clicking on the corresponding button. You can drag the side if you need to zoom into it.

Next up, you have the transitions button. This lets you add transition effects to your video, and clicking the button will show you different effects you can use.

As for the text style, you have the Style tab to change it as you wish.

After you’re happy with the result, let’s move into adding audio track to a video.

Fifth step

You can use Content Samurai to add different types of audio to your videos: music, automated voice tracks, and recordings of your own voice.

This gives you a lot of freedom in how you want your videos to look. If you feel confident speaking, then audio recordings are excellent. If you’re not a speaker, then you can use music (always creative commons). If you have the money, you can even hire freelancers to do this.

Sixth step

Finally, you have a previewing section to check your final result and adjust anything that might look weird or awkward.

You can adjust your timing manually as well. This way, you can iron out your video cuts and create a smoother experience. You can simply drag the scenes through the timeline using the green line.

Next to that line, you can see your timing. You just drag the line until the time you want the video to end.

Once you’re finished, hit “hide timing”.

If you want to add music, you head over to “my music” and use “upload”. Import your desired track and check it to apply it. You have a volume slider to adjust the volume in case it’s too loud.

Finally, you can add watermarks on your videos to boost your branding and keep others from ripping it. It’s also a great way to add consistency to your marketing.

To do it, simply click on the watermark option and create a new one. You then add your logo to it and adjust its size and transparency so that it doesn’t distract your potential customers. Placing it is as easy as dragging it with your mouse to where you want it.

Take a final look at the video and hit “continue”. You’ll get the option to generate the video, and clicking it will make Content Samurai render it. You can then download it.


Content Samurai is a great platform if you want to boost your dropshipping success and your marketing options with viral video ads.

The process is seamless, and you don’t even have to start from scratch if you need a new video. You can simply clone an older video and adapt it to your new goal.

Even complete beginners can exploit this tool to its fullest potential.

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