How To Get Sales On Shopify Without Paying For Ads? (7 Different Ways)

In this article, you will learn whether you can get sales on Shopify without paid advertising or not and how to get sales on Shopify without spending any money on paid ads.

Can you get sales on Shopify without paid advertising?

Although advertising is a great way to get the word out about your store, there are other ways you can increase your sales. Shopify offers several features that allow store owners to organically grow their customer base without the need for paid advertising.

This includes SEO optimization, content marketing, influencer marketing, and providing incentives and loyalty programs that encourage customers to come back and shop again. With the right combination of organic and paid marketing strategies, you can create a successful Shopify store that brings in more customers without breaking the bank.

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7 Ways To Get Sales On Shopify Without Ads

1. Organic TikTok

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Particularly among younger audiences, TikTok has increasingly become one of the most widely used social media platforms. If you’re looking to start on social media, TikTok is a great way to get some eyes on your store’s products. Through this platform, you can create informative and interesting videos that highlight your products in a positive way to garner interest.

Make sure to include hashtags in your videos so that potential customers can easily find them. You can reach a larger audience by doing some research and identifying relevant trending topics that you can use in your videos.

Keep in mind that the videos need to include detailed descriptions of the product, as well as any unique features or benefits that it offers your customers (also use only high-quality photos or videos to showcase the product). Including positive customer feedback and testimonials in your videos/profile can help boost your credibility and trustworthiness.

Additionally, following the recent TikTok – Shopify integration, users can now purchase items directly from videos and merchant profiles. The entire purchasing process, from product discovery to checkout, can be completed without having to leave the TikTok app. You just need to sign up for a Tiktok business account, connect it to your Shopify account, and you’re good to go! You now have another sales channel apart from Shopify.

2. Instagram Organic Traffic

Kitty Necklace On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks and is a great way to drive organic traffic to your Shopify store. The key to success when using Instagram is to create a professional profile with a consistent aesthetic and engage with your target audience. Here are some tips to help you increase organic traffic to your Shopify store through Instagram.

  • Post consistently – Make sure to post regularly, at least once a day, to keep your followers engaged and interested.
  • Use hashtags – When posting content, include relevant hashtags to make it easier for your target audience to find your content.
  • Leverage influencers – Partner with influencers in your industry who have an engaged following to promote your brand and products.
  • Post user-generated content – Sharing user-generated content can help build trust with potential customers as well as inspire them to purchase from your store.
  • Offer giveaways – Launching a giveaway on Instagram is a great way to gain followers, boost engagement, and increase organic traffic.

3. SEO

Cat Necklace SEO Results On Google

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the best methods available to drive organic traffic to your Shopify store. By optimizing your content and website structure for search engines, you can increase the visibility of your store in organic search results, which can result in increased traffic and sales.

When it comes to SEO, there are several key components you should consider to maximize your chances of success. First, you need to identify relevant keywords that will help drive traffic to your store. There are a variety of free and paid keyword research tools available online that can help you find the right keywords for your business. Once you have identified the right keywords, you need to incorporate them into your store’s content and meta tags. This will ensure that your store becomes more likely to appear in relevant search results.

You should also optimize your website structure and create high-quality backlinks to your store. This will help search engines understand what your store is about and how it should be indexed in their database. Additionally, creating high-quality backlinks will help build trust with search engines and potentially increase your rankings in search results.

Finally, track and monitor your SEO efforts to ensure that your strategies are working. You can find both free and paid SEO tracking tools available online that can help you analyze your progress and make adjustments as needed.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to reach out directly to potential customers, and create meaningful relationships with them. By crafting personalized messages, you can make sure that your messages are well-received and that customers are driven to take action.

In order to get the most out of email marketing, it’s important to first set up an email list. This list should include past customers, leads who have shown an interest in your product, and people who have subscribed to your mailing list. Once you have a list, you can start sending out emails to promote your store.

When sending out emails, be sure to craft a message that is both compelling and informative. Let potential customers know about special offers, new products, and upcoming events. Be sure to also include links to your Shopify store so customers can easily click through and purchase.

In addition, you can use email marketing as an opportunity to build relationships with your customers. For example, sending out surveys or polls can help you gain valuable insight into customer preferences and provide an opportunity for customers to connect with your brand.

You should also have follow-up emails to thank customers for their purchases and offer discounts on future purchases. This is an effective way to show appreciation and build loyalty.

Doing so will not only increase sales but also help you build relationships with customers that will keep them coming back for more.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world that focuses on video instead of the overall content. With the right video content, you can generate interest in your products and increase brand awareness.

To start driving organic traffic from YouTube, you need to create engaging videos that are optimized for search. This means including keywords related to your products in your video titles, descriptions, and tags. You should also ensure that your videos contain good-quality visuals and audio and offer useful information or tips related to your product.

Once you have created and uploaded your videos, you will need to share them on social media and embed them on your Shopify store. This will help get your videos seen by more people and generate more views. Additionally, you can use YouTube ads to promote your videos and increase the reach of your content, but this is not the recommended method.

6. Pinterest

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With its visual appeal and ability to link directly to your products, you can easily drive shoppers to your site from Pinterest.

When creating your Pinterest content, start by choosing great images and creating boards that reflect the theme of your shop. To maximize engagement, create high-quality images that showcase your products in a creative way. Utilize the description section of the post to write a short blurb that explains what the product is and how it could benefit potential customers. Make sure to include a link directly to the product page on your Shopify store in each post.

In addition to posting content regularly, you should also engage with other users on the platform. Pinning content from other relevant accounts, leaving comments, and liking posts will help your profile become more visible on the platform. This will create a larger audience for your content and increase your reach and engagement.

7. Affiliate Influencer Method

An affiliate influencer is an individual or group with a large following on social media who can help promote your store and products.

When looking for affiliate influencers, focus on those who have a genuine interest in your niche and share the same values as your brand. They should also have an engaged audience, as this will help ensure your message reaches the right people.

Once you have identified suitable influencers, reach out to them and propose a partnership. Explain how they could benefit from promoting your store and products, as well as how you would compensate them. Depending on the size of their following and engagement rate, you could offer a combination of money, free products, or a percentage of any sales they generate.

But, at a smaller scale, you could simply reach out to these influencers and send them a few products for free to review. You should do this on influencers on multiple social media platforms if possible.

How long will it take to make sales without ads?

Making sales on Shopify without paid ads is definitely possible. It all depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to put in to grow your business. Depending on the product, market, and target audience, it could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to begin seeing sales from your Shopify store.

It’s important to note that while it may take a while before you start seeing sales without paid ads, the long-term benefits of organic growth will make it worthwhile. Having a steady stream of organic traffic to your store can give you an advantage over other competitors who are relying solely on paid ads. This will allow you to build a sustainable business and create a loyal customer base that will remain with you for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Selling on Shopify without paid ads is an effective way to get your store up and running without having to commit to a large investment. This approach allows you to focus on driving traffic to your store through organic means. While there is no guarantee that your store will make a profit without paid advertising, there are many successful stores that have achieved success with this strategy. The key is to stay diligent and use the available resources to the best of your ability.

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