How To Find Winning Dropshipping Products

How To Find Winning Dropshipping Products

Today, we’ll learn one of the best methods you can use for finding profitable products that are already selling. You’ll learn 5 simple steps to find excellent products for your store.

Keep in mind that, if you have the money to spend, then using a tool like Sell The Trend is an amazing choice. It’ll save lots of time for an affordable subscription.

However, if you don’t have (or want to spend) that money, then these steps will be more than enough. This method is taught by Franklin Hatchett on his eCom Elites course, which is my favorite eCommerce course.

If you’re interested in learning more content like this, definitely check out eCom Elites.

Create a new account on Facebook (use VPNs)

Open up an incognito tab and head over to Facebook to create a new account. Make sure you use different information than your main account.

Set your location to a different country – even better if you use the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada or Australia. This is where the VPN comes in handy in case you don’t live in any of those countries.

Look up eCommerce-related keywords

Head over to Facebook’s search box and look up keywords like free shipping, free + shipping, and is a great keyword since lots of companies use shorter URLs to improve their ads’ performance. Feel free to use other URL trimming companies that you know.

Other keywords you can use are niche specific like “cat” or “phone case”.

Head over to the videos section and select “see all”. Set your date to the current year so that all results are relevant. Scroll through every video less than 3 months old with over 200,000 views. These are video ads for products that are selling and have scaled.

Click on every video you like and hit “Like”. Then click the links to visit their websites.

Install the Pixel helper

Download the free plugin for Chrome. It’ll identify whether the site you visited uses Facebook’s Pixel. That’s your goal, so if it doesn’t, head to a different website.

Note how the pixel activates for content as well as page view. Add your product to the cart to fire another pixel, then leave the site.

Repeat the process with other websites. The more, the merrier.

Install the Turbo Ad Finder

This plugin lets you remove any Facebook content that isn’t ads. You’ll quickly realize you’ll only see eCommerce offers thanks to the pixels you activated earlier.

Don’t worry, you can’t deactivate this view anytime you want.

Look at the endless list of dropshipping products available, and stop to check out the products with over 500,000 views. From here, you can conduct your product research as you usually do.

Install Intelligyence

Finally, Intelligyence lets you enter different store URLs to access insight about its performance. You can spot the best-selling products, how much they’re making (estimated), which apps they’re using, and where their traffic comes from.

It’s quite cheap, and the monthly membership is just $29.

Click here to get Intelligyence at a discount!

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