eComSolid Review

eComSolid Review

Shopify themes are widely known to be effective in boosting conversions and sales. If you are like me, then you are always on the lookout for the next best theme. During my discoveries, I’ve come across this eComSolid theme that I will be reviewing today. Gem Pages are the creators of this theme, and you probably have seen it being promoted on social media pages. What caught my attention is their own in-built visual page builder, which in itself is already a popular tool that store owners enjoy using. So if you’re here because you’re on the lookout for the next best theme, keep reading as we explore the eComSolid Shopify theme.

Getting to know the eComSolid Shopify theme

eComSolid boasts of being a high converting Shopify theme that allows shop owners complete flexibility to customize their stores according to their liking. The theme is optimized for both mobile use and SEO, which is essential. Besides its versatility, the theme also offers seamless and straightforward integration of any additional tools or apps that you might want for your store. Then, users also have the option to upgrade a small fee to get even more sales booster add-ons to help you drive maximum sales. Of course, you can opt-out for this if you are on a low budget and still get high-quality and high-converting stores. The theme is also said to have a fast loading time, which is essential if you want to retain your customers. Overall, the theme seems more suitable for larger-scale stores rather than single-product stores. So if you are still starting, this theme might not be ideal for you. 

eComSolid Pricing

Luckily for us, eComSolid has a free version available called community where you can freely download and use the theme with full customization. If you’re familiar with Shopify themes, you will know that it is rare to have a free, fully functional Shopify theme. How do they make money, you ask? From their $19 upgrade to include their additional sales booster add on. In essence, this $19 a month you are paying is for the premium version, which means you can have access to everything the theme offers. $19 is a fairly reasonable price on the market. Also, with a premium theme, you won’t have to buy, download, or install other additional tools or apps (unless you want to) to have a fully functioning store.

eComSolid Features

Before I get started discussing the theme itself, I should point out that it is SEO and mobile-optimized, which is excellent! Nowadays, mobile and SEO optimization for your customers is essential to maximizing your sales capacity. The next positive thing is how easy it is to simply integrate the theme by downloading it and connecting it to your store URL. You just need to allow several permissions for it to integrate. Now, let’s move on to each of the features.

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Complete customization

eComSolid is fully customizable even in free mode. You can customize everything like the layout, and there are also ready-made templates that you can implement onto your store.

Visual Editor

eComSolid allows you the freedom to edit your website as you wish with its visual editor. It is also a simple process, and you won’t need any coding experience. Things you can edit are image texts, subheadings, naming your collections, and everything using its built-in visual editor. You can make changes to your store in no time.

Seamless Integration

While most good Shopify themes have high functionalities on their own, most people have their own favorite tools. And with eComSolid, you can freely and seamlessly integrate your favorite tools and applications. Additional items that you might want include elements like a countdown timer, social proof, currency converter, email popups, scarcity messages, etc. Any tools that you think can benefit your business can be seamlessly integrated.


And if your additional apps aren’t enough, you can also use the $19 per month upgrade, which allows you to add on even more types of sales boosters that will usually cost you even more if you were to buy and integrate them yourselves. While this section is optional, it does benefit your business in terms of compelling your customers to increase their order volumes. What this also means is that you can get more stock going and more sales! These add on include things like a countdown sales timer which is also customizable.

Gem Pages

And if you think the good stuff ends there, there’s even more! You can also use Gem pages within your theme to create highly effective landing pages in no time. Gem Pages integrates well with eComSolid because they are strategic partners.

Quick Loading Time

Statistics show that most customers become frustrated when they encounter a slow loading page and will eventually abandon their task or move on to another store. This can be huge because your potential customer might subsequently buy from your competitor and have a negative feeling towards your store due to their negative experience. In the long run, they will favor your competitor more than you. With eComSolid, you won’t have to worry about that at all as it has a fast loading time. You can test it for yourself using tools like GTMetrix or Pingdom, which I used myself and got impressive results. 


As a Shopify theme connoisseur, I have to admit that this eComSolid theme is up there with one of my favorites in terms of overall affordability and functionality. I mean, it’s a free Shopify theme that comes with mobile and SEO optimization, customization flexibility, and fast loading time, what more could you ask for? Even if you are a beginner with a low budget, you can just test it out since its free, and you have nothing to lose. 

However, if you have the budget, signing up for the premium theme also wouldn’t cost you much at $19, and sales boosters have been proven effective in boosting sales (as the name suggests). Rather than having to buy and download these tools additionally, that would cost you even more! Also, the more tools you add, the slower your page might load.

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