eCommerce Traffic Calculator

Traffic is nothing but the bread and butter of running any online store successfully; the more traffic you get for your website, the more profit you can earn at the end.

It is vital that you get a certain amount of traffic in order to achieve your revenue goal. With the help of this e-commerce traffic calculator, you can calculate how much traffic you need to reach your set revenue which basically depends upon the conversion rate of all online stores.

So, here in this post, let’s focus on how this tool work, its importance, and other important facts you should not miss.

What is the eCommerce traffic calculator used for?

You can use this e-commerce traffic calculator to figure out exactly how many users you require to generate a certain amount of profit. But how will that benefit the business?

One of the most crucial things in the e-commerce business is the conversion rate (CR), as the revenue of every business depends upon it.

With the help of a traffic calculator, you will get an idea about how website traffic relates to sales and how much traffic you need to build in order to achieve your sales target.

Why is the eCommerce traffic calculator important?

You can only shoot arrows in the dark without an e-commerce traffic calculator. Without the traffic calculator tool, it is impossible to know how much traffic you need for your website to set your profit goal.

In short, the traffic calculator will help you determine how far you have to go to achieve your goals and how much money you need to invest in advertising and other marketing campaigns. That will ultimately help you to enhance your sales. And thus the overall improvement of your business.

How does the eCommerce traffic calculator work?

eCommerce Traffic Calculator In Use

The e-commerce traffic calculator is easy to use and simple to get results. All you have to do is insert some data in the calculator,

  • First, enter your sales target
  • The number of days you want to get the result of the profit mentioned.

Now hit on the calculator button to get the results of:

  • The visitor number of your store
  • The number of visitors you need in how many days. (you can put the value in the numbers of days tab)
  • Number of sales you need
  • The average order value for your business
  • The average conversion rate for your business

Does the eCommerce traffic calculator cost, or is it free?

The traffic calculator is free of cost. And you can use them several times to apply different strategies to find out the sales target that will fit with the investment you put into the business.

What types of businesses can use this eCommerce traffic calculator?

All types of businesses can use this e-commerce traffic calculator. And setting your profit is the most vital thing for all e-commerce businesses to run successfully. But this tool is mostly used in dropshipping business.

What is the Average Order Value?

AOV is a metric that can measure the amount spent on an e-commerce website or online store per transaction over a period of time. It is beneficial in terms of analyzing customer behavior and segments, exploring the marketing channels, and improving overall sales performance.

You can calculate the AOV for a company and can even use it to determine product lines, regions, and channels. Although knowing how the AOV works and what elements can impact its functionality are the main things to take your e-commerce business to the next level.

How to calculate average order value?

The process is pretty simple. All you need to do is collect the total revenue and divide it by the number of orders.

So, the average order value is = Total revenue / total numbers of orders.

Suppose an e-commerce store sells digital art products. And last month, it got 200 orders from customers, and the revenue value was $2500.

So, the average order value will be $2500 / 200 = 12.5

Why is average order value important?

The biggest challenge faced by online marketers in recent times is to get some potential customers. And for that, they apply myriad tips and strategies to capture the attention of their online shops among consumers. But do you know you can boost the revenue by just improving your AOV?

Let’s assume you want to spend 1$ to earn a new customer for your e-commerce store. And it includes costs like advertisements, website support, and other online maintenance. Now, what is more beneficial to you? Five customers buying seven products for $100 or two customers spending $100? Obviously, the second one.

According to many marketers focusing on the customers who want to purchase your products is more advantageous than searching for new buyers.

You can research the top marketers who always represent the same types of products like milk, sugar, and tea bags in one category. It helps to generate interest among customers, thus boosting your AOV automatically.

Using a method like showcasing the same types of products in your online stores will build interest among your customers to order the things together. It will help you enhance the AOV and overall profit margins.

How do you increase average order value?

Let’s take a look at the top 9 sure-shot ways you can take to boost your average order value and the profit margins for your business.

1. Build trust and social proof among users

Building trust and developing social proof is the first thing you need for your webpage. Suppose a customer first time comes across your website. Now it is upon you how to showcase social proof and build confidence among them to buy products from your stores.

You will find plenty of ways to use social proof and enhance the AOV. So, let’s take a quick look at these,

  • Try to include customer reviews on the homepage and product page. When potential customers notice others are also happy with the product, they will happily go for them as well.
  • Adding your awards and success to the webpage will draw the attention of buyers and ultimately help you to develop social proof and trust. It is undoubtedly a good way to increase AOV for products.

2. Use different website copy

The website copy is another vital thing that you must focus on. It will help you determine whether consumers will buy your product or not. If you feel the current conversion rate is not satisfying, you can go for the A/B test. It means creating two similar copies of a specific segment and applying them to analyze which one performs better.

You can apply this A/B test to optimize your landing pages and website that features,

  • Headlines
  • Call-to-action (CTA) buttons
  • Website designing and layout
  • Product descriptions and product images

3. Providing excellent customer service

You might feel it is not that important to enhance your AOV. But you must know that good customer care will help to reduce the purchasing barrier and generate trust among potential customers. Here are some tips for you to apply,

  • Using the live chat options is helpful for the customer to resolve their issue in real-time. It, in turn, eliminates any kind of confusion they might face while purchasing a product.
  • Providing an FAQ option on your webpage is an incredible way to resolve all types of queries of visitors and increase the chance of AOV.
  • Inserting the contact number and e-mail ID is also crucial. It will help users to contact you easily if they get stuck between something.

4. Include cross-sell options

A cross-sell is an option when a seller offers the consumer to buy some other products along with the main one. Suppose someone is looking for a tank top, so try cross-selling a skirt or jewelry the customer may need along with that dress. It is one of the best options you can try to boost the AOV by selling multiple products to the same customer.

5. Apply upsell options

Like cross-sell, it is another beneficial way to boost the AOV. The strategy is pretty simple. If someone is searching for a product they want to buy, show them a more costly version of that item. For example, suppose your customer is looking for a shoe, now you can upsell them by showcasing a better version of it with good quality or the limited edition.

Note: You must know one thing—cross-selling and upselling are suitable for the dropshipping business. And you must offer your customer genuine and useful products they actually need.

6. Offering bundle deals

Bundle deals are one of the common tactics that many marketers apply so that the buyers spend a good amount of money per order. Suppose you are selling skin care products— you can offer a bundle that will include facewash, toner, moisturizer, and other skincare items.

But you must know you need to deliver a successful bundle—so that it will appear as an attractive deal for the customers.

7. Applying exit-intent pop-ups

Applying exit-intent pop-ups can help you increase overall sales and the AOV as well. It is common for these pop-ups to appear before customers leave the website, but you may also make them appear upon a specific amount of time spent or some percentage of the way down your webpage.

The purpose behind these pop-ups is to provide discounts and gifts and build interest to purchase other items from your store.

8. Offer a loyalty program

Offering customer loyalty is the most effective way to build customer retention, thus boosting the AOV of a company. With this offer, you can increase interest in purchasers to buy products frequently and even buy multiple items in a single order to earn rewards.

You can offer this reward in different ways, such as offering discounts if a customer purchases items frequently and offering free products when you redeem points. Another way is starting a referral program where the existing customer will get a reward when they refer your products to other new people.

Note: Always provide a clear description of the loyalty program so that the customer will not find any difficulty when they want to know how the reward works and how they can earn it. Moreover, always try to offer attractive programs so that they will fulfill the needs of the customer.

9.  Provide limited-time offerings

You will find many top-rated online stores come with attractive limited-time offerings to produce a sense of urgency in customers to buy items before the end of the offers. You can deliver offers like,

  • Offer free gifts to your customer for the next purchase for a limited period.
  • Carry discounts on specific items or segments
  • Use special days or seasons to offer limited-time sales

You can also display a countdown timer on the homepage—so buyers know how long the offer is available for them. Moreover, you must know what type of promotion you run on your website to make them clearly visible to consumers.

Wrapping Up: eCommerce Traffic Calculator

I hope you guys found this eCommerce Traffic calculator helpful. If it did, make sure to share it with your friends and family or just anyone with who this tool would be useful!

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