Does Shopify Store Name Matter

Does Shopify Store Name Matter for SEO and Branding?

Are you starting a new business with a Shopify store? Do you want to create a strong brand identity that will resonate with your target audience? Then yes, the name DOES matter.

In this article, I’ll tell you why your Shopify store name matters and how to choose the perfect name that aligns with your brand values.

Does Shopify Store Name Matter?

Yes, it does. Your Shopify store name is an essential part of your brand identity, and it can make a significant impact on your business’s success. 

The store name is the first impression customers have of your brand, and it can influence their perception of your business. 

A memorable and unique name can attract your target audience, help build brand recognition, and create a connection with customers.

How To Choose Shopify Store Name for Branding & SEO

Choosing a name for your Shopify store can be both exciting and challenging. A good name can help your business stand out in a crowded market, while a bad name can hinder your success. 

Now, let’s discuss some ways for you to consider to make up the perfect Shopify store name.

Niche Market

Consider your niche market and target audience. Your store name should resonate with your target market and convey the type of products you sell. 

For example, if you sell environmentally friendly products, you may want to consider using phrases like “green,” “eco-friendly,” or “sustainable” in your store name.


Your store name should be memorable and easy to brand. It should also align with your business values and mission. 

Consider using a catchy catchphrase or slogan that reflects your brand’s personality.

Domain Name Availability

Before picking a name, check if the domain name is available. Having a matching domain name can make it easier for customers to find your store online and build brand recognition.

Keep it Simple

A simple and easy-to-remember name can be more effective than a long and complicated one. Consider using short and snappy phrases or one-word names that are easy to pronounce and spell.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Consider using keywords in your store name that align with your business and can improve your SEO ranking. 

You can use tools like Google Trends, SEMrush, and Quora to research popular keywords related to your niche market.


Stand out from the crowd by choosing a unique name that is not already taken or too similar to existing businesses. Avoid using generic terms that may be confusing or too broad.

Play on Words

A clever play on words can make your store name memorable and attention-grabbing. Consider using puns, alliteration, or rhymes to create a unique and creative name.

Brand Consistency

Your store name should be consistent with your brand image and messaging. Make sure your store name aligns with your logo, website design, and social media presence to create a cohesive and professional brand identity.

Social Media Availability

Check if the name is available on social media platforms before making a final decision. Having a consistent and easy-to-find social media presence can help increase brand recognition and customer engagement.

Take Advantage of A Store Name Generator

Store Name Generator Screenshot

You can actually take advantage of  a store name generator. We actually have our own Store Name Generator here you can check out!

Change Shopify Store Name With Simple Steps

Creating a Shopify account involves choosing a store name, which is automatically used as part of your store URL in the format 

However, if you want to chase that as a rebranding effort or to improve your search engine optimization, you can follow these straightforward steps to do so:

To change your store name, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin account.
  2. Click on “Settings.”
  3. Choose “General.”
  4. Edit your new name under “Store Detail.”

4.Save the changes.

It’s important to note that changing your store name will not impact your account or login details. However, if you have a custom domain name registered with your old store name, it will need to be updated for consistency.

If you want to remove the “” from your URL, you can transfer your Shopify domain name and set it as your primary domain or create a new account and register a custom domain with your new name. 

Although, do keep in mind that the change will only be visible to site visitors. You’ll still see the “” part internally.

What To Do If The Store Name You Chose Is Already Taken On Shopify?

One of the first steps in setting up a Shopify store is choosing a name. However, the name you want might end up being taken already. 

So, what should you do if the store name you chose is already taken on Shopify? Can two Shopify stores have the same name? 

No, they can’t. Each store name must be unique to avoid confusion among customers. If the name you chose is already taken, you’ll need to come up with a new one. 

Don’t fret, though. It won’t be too hard to pick a new name, with all the tips I’ve shared above. With a dash of creativity and flexibility, you can easily find yourself an equally good if not a better Shopify store name.


How many times can Shopify store name be changed?

You can modify the name of your Shopify store as it appears on all website pages whenever you wish, but you can only change the default domain name once.

Does my Shopify store name have to match my business name?

No, your Shopify store name does not have to match your business name.

Can I run multiple Shopify stores under one LLC?

Yes, you can run multiple Shopify stores under one LLC.

Final Thoughts

Remember, a good name can catch the attention of customers, boost your SEO, and create a strong brand identity. To find the perfect name, brainstorm with a diverse group, do market research, and consider professional help.

A good name is just the beginning, though. Follow up with quality products/services and effective marketing strategies to be truly successful with your business.

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