Does Shopify Build Your Website

Does Shopify Build Your Website?

If you are planning to take your business online,  then you must be wondering about how to set up an online store. One of the many challenges of setting up an online store is to design the website for the store and customizing it in a way that attracts the customers. In this era,  when most people prefer to purchase things online rather than go about in the market,  putting up your products on your online store provides a viable solution as part of a long-time business strategy.

 Shopify can be used by beginners,  who have just come up with products that they are willing to sell online,  or might be a seasoned businessman with an offline outlet,  but would like to venture online as the online market is growing big and lucrative day by day.  One of the reasons for the boost in online sales is because people nowadays are so stressed out with work that they hardly find any time to go out shopping.  Online websites, due to reduced operational costs, can provide lots of discounts to their customers,  thereby creating tough competition for offline stores.

 You might be caught up in your work and maybe expecting guests. The availability of online stores providing options from grocery to ready-made food has made your life so much easier now.  We do not have to take the pains of going out and purchasing things,  as most of the products are available online and can be delivered within a short duration. 

 When it comes to designing an online store,  there are lots of pre-populated platforms that you can select for designing your store.  However, among all these, Shopify is the most popular one.  Given that Shopify comes with hundreds of themes that are prepopulated with layouts and designs which you can select according to your choice.  You can design your own online store effortlessly by following the simple guides that come along at the time of purchasing these themes. 

 The themes come with lots of features and functionalities that make it easier to choose the background or even the colour combination of the website that matches your brand.  You can customize your logo and put your Vision and Mission statements on the website.  There are ready-made blog pages that add value and can be customized easily to suit the needs of your website. 

At the time of purchasing the themes, you are provided with the login credential.  Once logged in you will be routed to the Shopify admin area. It has all the design components required for your online store.  Most of the features for designing come with drag and drop options and the way to operate them is also mentioned to make it easy for the user to customize their Store. 

Does Shopify build your website?

Well, the answer to this question is that Shopify directly does not build your store but provides various themes that make it easier to design and customize your online store as per your product niche. 

 The Shopify themes are easy to use and extremely user-friendly.  Even beginners can use these themes effortlessly without the knowledge of coding or design skills.  Upon purchase of these themes, the codes behind the themes are provided to the user,  so that if ever the user feels the need to change the code or change the entire layout of the theme,  that can be done by changing the code behind the theme. 

 Shopify provides a 14-day trial period that does not require any payment or use of credit card details. This subscription can be canceled at any point before 14 days.  If you are planning to buy a Shopify theme you can undertake the 14-day trial and make sure that this is the perfect platform for your online store.   The trial theme however is a very simplified version of the actual theme and does not have all the features and functional aspects of the original theme.

 The trial theme is just to give you a hands-on experience of how you can use the Shopify themes to design the layout of a website.  This way you will be able to gauge,  whether you will be able to handle designing your online store using Shopify themes by yourself.

How to build your store on Shopify?

 You can build your online store on Shopify with the help of the Shopify admin area. This interface is the back end developer for your website. Whatever changes you need to make will be done from here. 

 Here you can also check your analytics and install other applications if required. The themes that you purchase from Shopify comes with encryption and SSL certifications, which makes it notified as a trusted site.  The certifications allow the applications to be downloaded without any difficulty. This also makes sure that the speed associated with the website is considerably high and can be equally browsed from mobile phones.

 Another use of the Shopify themes is that they can be used for setting up blogging sites as well. Many themes are simple and can be suitably used for setting up blogging sites. 

 As for the online stores, it helps to have a shortlisted list of products that can be incorporated with the theme while setting up the store. If you do not have the products yet, then first design the store as per your product line. 

 If you are not sure, how your store’s look is going to be, Shopify’s front end editor is extremely helpful in that. Whatever changes are made in the back end editor can be checked with the front end editor, which gives you a peek into how the store is going to appear in front of the customers. 

If you already have a store and want to change the look of it or revamp the layout, you can do that easily by the customize button. This option takes you through all the components that can be changed and modified. The left-hand side panel on the admin area provides you all the options to change and customize the store.

 You can optimize all the elements of the customization or select the few that need adjustment. The elements help to change the header, add text and icons to the store, and make the store more interactive. With the changes in the elements, the layout and designs will get updated in the background. You can check the final look from the front end editor.

Different themes of Shopify

 While building your online store, the most important aspect is the selection of the correct theme. Shopify has a wide range of themes that can be optimized to attribute a specific look to your store.   Some themes are simple and can be easily optimized. 

 Some premium themes can opt for stores with more complex structures and working patterns. The premium themes have more features and options for customization. These themes have several layouts and designs to offer for better suitability of the online stores.

 The premium themes are customized in a way that they are browser friendly and offers great speed in terms of landing.  This being the reason your online stores will rank higher on Google search.  It is also easy to make your store optimized as per the search engine requirements so that customers can easily get diverted to your website as per the search of their products.

 There are multiple themes on the Shopify platform with various layouts and design customization options so that the store owners can select the particular theme that goes with their products and their brand description. 

 It is very straightforward to customize those themes, as the changes can be controlled from the back-end editor available in the admin area.  There is a button stating customize,  which when clicked gives you the option of all the elements that can be changed.  Depending upon the need of your store you can keep on changing the elements and leave out the ones that a not required.  This process is elementary and can happen over a few clicks.

 The header and footer can also be customized,  from the admin area.  You can incorporate any kind of text,  icons, and images on how to make your store more interactive and fun.  The overall layout of the web pages can also be selected as a horizontal and vertical layout pattern. All these elements are available on the home page as you go to optimize your Store.

  All the changes that you have made at the backend can be monitored and visible on the frontend editor that shows you how the store will appear in front of the customers.  Once you’re happy with the changes and the optimizations made,  you can save the changes to lock the look.

  The customization options are also valuable with themes that you have already purchased and the user on your Store,  in case you want to change the look and feel of your store.  Often customers post reviews that gives clues to the store owners for areas of improvement.


Once the store is designed and is ready to be launched,  keep an eye on the customer inputs and reviews to continuously improve your store.  You can also add more products to your catalogs from time to time,  to attract more customers by offering a wider range of products chosen.

It is important To keep working on the store,  to keep it up to date as per the customer requirements.  Make the store lively with more interactive pages,  and always make sure to revert to the customer queries.

More reviews of your store will ensure that there is more traffic being driven to your Store,  which is an indicator of your expansion of the business.  Shopify also has options to offer better scalability for your business.  This means that once you buy a Shopify theme,  you do not need to change and spend more money on upgrading your store.  For minor modifications of changes that are not part of the theme, you can even install sample applications that can help you with the process.  However, while downloading and installing third-party apps make sure that you opt for the genuine versions that are compatible with the Shopify platform.

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