Debutify Theme Review: Unbiased & Honest

Shopify allows its users to easily create an ecommerce website or online store with numerous free and premium themes available at their disposal. Similarly, choosing the best theme for your ecommerce store is not a task you should take lightly. 

Now, it obviously matters what type of store you are running, and based on that you should pick your theme. Like if you have a single product store you should go with specific Shopify themes.

The appearance of your website determines whether your customers and visitors will make a purchase, or they will quickly log out and look for better-looking alternatives.

Together with premium themes, Shopify also offers its users free themes, which serve as the first step for many ecommerce entrepreneurs as they begin their ecommerce business.

Shopify free themes come with built-in features, crucial for any ecommerce website. Just because the platform has free themes does not mean that they have any fault in them.

These themes are entirely professional in design and contain fully customizable features that you can fine-tune to your store’s needs.

Debutify is one of Shopify’s free themes that feature regular updates to ensure its users remain professional and competitive in the ecommerce market.

Read on and find out the unique features of Debutify theme and why many ecommerce entrepreneurs consider it as the best free Shopify template.

What is the Debutify theme?

Debutify theme Shopify template

Debutify is a brilliant Shopify theme specifically designed to boost conversions and the performance of your website or online store in relation to navigation and speed. Available in two versions, Debut-Light and Debut-Default, this theme is ideal for selling all types of products, despite their catalog size.

The theme is also multipurpose in nature and contains a variety of features that make it a favorite among many ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Debut-Light consists of a clean and light design, perfect for any online store that would like to display the great detail of their products. On the other hand, Debut-Default beautifully showcases the products and the brand using them.

It allows visitors and customers to take a closer look at any additional product details when hovering over an image. Debut-default is perfect for stores that sell products used daily.

How to install Debutify theme

Debutify is a one-click install theme. Simply enter your Shopify store’s URL and log in to automatically install the theme just like an application would do. Before the complete installation of the theme, you will receive requests for permission to access relevant store data.

Shopify’s free themes have a reputation of being occasionally carefree when it comes to keeping spam emails at bay and handling your store’s data. Upon installation of the theme, you can activate it and start customizing it to your liking.

The theme has over 8000 customers who use it without any significant complaints.

Debutify theme features

The easiest way for you to see what the Debutify theme offers is by viewing its demo. However, when I saw the demo, the features of the theme were not clearly distinguished, and I could not tell which features were in the premium and free versions.

It is only after you install the theme that you can clearly tell which features are in which version. Some of the features of the Debutify theme include:

1. Built and optimized for all niches

With the Debutify theme, you can sell anything from anywhere in the world.

Whether it is a general store, a one-product store, or funnels, Debutify has got you covered. Its website layout and design allow you to customize the theme to your liking without the need for expert assistance.

2. Basic layout

The theme comes with a dashboard that allows you to customize your store’s site appearance in real-time. At first glance, the default layout and design are sleek and easy to navigate as it has easy to find sections for each page, and you can further customize it with various theme settings.

The dashboard consists of sliders and other collections, making it easier for users to see what they need to edit. You can expand an option to the left of the page to instantly make changes and edits.

The theme is quite responsive to use, even for those who do not have a technical background as they, too, can edit it within minutes without any complications.

Theme settings allow you to edit the theme to pretty much anything you would like.

3. Numerous design options

Debutify comes with a wide variety of design options, especially when compared to other free Shopify themes. By accessing the theme settings tab on the dashboard, you can edit your site’s product page, the home page, drawer menu, footer menu, as well as the site’s navigation menu.

4. Vast color selection

Whatever the colors of your brand are, the Debutify theme has got you covered. The theme has twice the number of color options when it comes to changing the colors on your website.

Whether you want to change the color of your footer menu, button options, accent background, announcement bar, or sale tag, you have a choice of 29 colors.

5. User-friendly experience

Unlike most free themes available on the internet, Debutify is easy to install and customize on your website. All you have to do is enter your website’s URL page and log in to install it.

You will have to grant some authorizations about accessing personal store information, but other than that, the installation and customizing process is pretty straightforward.

The free version of Debutify comes with the basic website layout design and style, but its premium alternative offers you with 17 additional features. However, Debutify pricing plans change with the number of features you get.

Here are some of the premium features you get with Debutify theme.

1. Cart functionality

Five of the premium features available under Debutify refer to the website’s cart functionality. With premium Debutify, you can have cute little animations when you add products to your shopping cart.

The theme has delightful add-to-cart animations, ideal for inspiring visitors and customers to keep adding products to their shopping carts. It makes use of micro-interaction designs to make the purchasing process more fun and interesting to use.

Premium Debutify also allows the addition of the ‘add-to-cart’ button under various items on your site to allow visitors and customers to add multiple products to their carts easily.

‘Add to cart’ buttons are small, but no online store can do without them. These colorful, little, and rectangular clickables connect products to the shopping cart and are an extension of your store’s branding.

It is vital to put some additional thought into the appearance of your ‘Add-to-cart’ button. Using premium Debutify, allows you to add a large and visible ‘add to cart’ button under your products on the products page, home page, and customization page.

You can also customize the colors and size of the button.

The theme also consists of a sticky bar for adding products to your shopping cart. A sticky add to cart bar is a visible floating bar that appears when a customer scrolls or swipes down, or when they swipe or scroll past the ‘add to cart’ button on your product page.

This bar has a ‘buy now’ button that allows your customers to quickly purchase a product without having to go back to the original ‘add to cart’ button.

Often, the sticky add to cart button automatically resembles the colors of your brand, making it easy to use and fits your site. With this button, customers can easily add products to their shopping cart, boosting sales on your website.

Another premium Debutify feature related to cart functionality is the upsell pop-ups.

Generally, upsell notifications and promotions offer the consumer the best available deal for products that satisfy their needs. By strategically placing upsell pop-ups and intelligent targeting of your market, your store will enjoy increased sales and more revenue, and customers will appreciate the better value of products that you offer them.

Debutify Premium allows its users to set up strategic timings in which their upsell pop-ups appear and the frequency in which they appear. Debutify Premium allows users to show trust badges on the checkout and product pages.

With increasing concerns over cybersecurity among online shoppers, it is vital to building trust and loyalty with your customers and visitors.

As such, trust badges are a certification of social proof that your online store is safe to interact with, without fear of their information being leaked to third-parties.   

2. Adding videos and product tabs to your product pages

Debutify premium allows its users to embed various YouTube videos, popular product reviews, and product tabs on your product pages to provide your customers with the necessary information about specific products.

Under the customization settings, you can easily add any extra information about your items on product pages. With this feature, customers and visitors can also rely on your site to provide them with accurate and reliable information about specific items.

You can add a maximum of three product tabs to your product page. One will be in the product description, another will be a snippet, and the last one is usually a static page.

The theme has in-built features to accommodate your product tabs adequately for easy access to your customers and visitors.

3. Live sales notifications

With Debutify Premium, you can quickly notify your other buyers of ongoing sales of various products on your site. Often, you will find that many visitors leave a website before purchasing anything because of a lack of authenticity, trust, and engagement.

A sales pop-up plug-in allows store owners to reduce the number of abandoned carts in their site by new visitors. On Debutify Premium, recent and aesthetically designed recent sales pop-ups make visitors and other buyers aware of the products purchased from the store, giving them more confidence to make their initial purchases.

The live sale plug-in seamlessly integrates with the theme, taking up minimal space on your site.

4. Coupon and Newsletter pop-ups

Customers and visitors can easily subscribe to your site’s coupons and newsletters by using the pop-ups feature available on Debutify Premium. Coupon pop-ups have a profound influence on purchase decisions among consumers.

Pop-up coupons increase customer satisfaction and loyalty as many consumers say that coupons influence their choice of brand. However, it is crucial to remember that intrusive pop-ups are annoying, especially to potential customers.

Setting a pop-up coupon to appear at the right time makes customers believe that your product is still valuable while ensuring that they feel like they are getting insider deals.

Debutify Premium allows its subscribers to offer their coupons at the right time and in the proper way to boost conversions and increase sales. Its advanced targeting features will enable you to show your coupon pop-ups to specific visitors, at particular times, and on particular pages at specific locations.

Similarly, the theme also enables its subscribers to monetize visitors by providing them with newsletter pop-up notifications. Visitors have the option to subscribe to newsletters from your site for the best available deals as well as future offers on various products.

5. Estimated date of delivery

Debutify Premium gives its users the ability to show their customers an approximate date of delivery of their products after making an order.

As such, customers can build a line of communication with the store, and they are more likely to order from the store again, especially if they receive their order on time.

6. Store FAQ

Many ecommerce professionals consider a store FAQ section as an afterthought after setting up their online store. However, a competent store FAQ aids in improving customer relationships as they are useful in guiding your customers through your site.

As a result, it builds trust and also convinces them to buy more products from your store by giving them additional information. This theme offers its users an in-built store FAQ plug-in, especially for entrepreneurs who sell complex products, like electronics and accessories. 

More so, the FAQ section aids in freeing up the time of your support team, and search engines are more likely to see FAQ pages as they are sources of immense information on various products.

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7. Chat boxes for support

Adding a chat widget to your website is one of the most effective solutions to increase user engagement and grow your customer base.

Debutify Premium allows its users to add chat boxes for support, allowing subscribers to get real-time feedback from visitors and customers on your products, services, and content.

The theme enables its subscribers to customize their support chat boxes and get alerts whenever a consumer is using their site and has engaged with them using the chat boxes directly to their preferred messaging platform.

8. Mega navigation menus with advanced columns

Unlike the free version of Debutify, the premium version allows its users to customize their navigation menus, and they also have the option to add more columns to their menus.

As such, these subscribers can easily manage and make their products more accessible to visitors and consumers. The theme enables them to create an advanced menu layout with columned images, navigation, products, and more.

9. Shop protect

Debutify Premium contains a variety of security features that enable its users to protect their content and designs against theft and copycats.

EU visitors have the GDPR Compliance cookie box that protects all data, including customers’ information and essential store details, from any access by third parties.

10. Regular software updates

Both free and premium Debutify offers its users regular software updates. Depending on your subscription plans, users have access to these updates automatically.

They also get regular notifications on such updates, and the theme’s support team always seeks feedback from subscribers about the efficiency of the updates and any relevant criticism.

Debutify pricing plans

Debutify is available in three pricing plans; the starter plan, the hustler plan, and the guru plan.

The starter plan gives you three features for $5 per month, while the Hustler plan offers seven features for $14 per month. Both packages also consist of free yearly updates and support from Debutify, as well as access to a private Facebook group and English support for five days per week.

The Guru plan is a complete package with access to all add-ons available now and in the future from the Debutify Development team.

More so, you also get all the features available on the other Debutify plans, in addition to the new ones, for only $20 per month. Its updates are free, and it has a 40% discount for annual purchases. The Guru plan is usually the Premium plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Debutify App?

Debutify App is a mobile-friendly application that quickly downloads on mobile devices, allowing its users to download the theme with just one click automatically.

Through the application, you also get instant access to powerful and integrated add-ons available from the Debutify site.

What are Debutify add-ons?

Add-ons are powerful and straightforward features available on the Debutify theme to help in the customization of your site. They are easily accessible on the site and from its application.

These add-ons seamlessly integrate with the Debutify theme and do not affect your site’s load speed. The add-ons are designed to fit the theme and style of your store automatically.

Can I swap add-ons on Debutify?

Luckily, Debutify allows its users to swap add-ons if they do not fit their store’s style and design. All you need to do is uninstall the add-on you do not want and install any other that you would like.

Is it possible to switch plans on Debutify?

The Debutify theme consists of three pricing plans. Subscribers can switch plans on the Debutify App at any time. However, you will have to make the necessary payments to activate your preferred pricing plan.

Debutify Alternative?

If you are looking for an alternative, I highly suggest you check out eCom Turbo by Frank Hatchett. It is one of the highest converting Shopify themes out there, is designed for speed, and has a TON of different features.

You can read my eCom Turbo Review here to see if it’s right for you or not!


The Debutify theme is a reasonably responsive platform with an extremely customizable dashboard and easy to use. Anyone can use this theme as it does not require technical knowledge to launch it in your online store.

After customization, the resulting web page is quite stylish and clean, as the theme looks fantastic. Basic Debutify offers its users a simple and functional store, while the premium one takes your online store to the next level.

As such, you may prefer to purchase the premium plan as it saves money and gives your store a unique and easy to use design.

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