Can You Sell Digital Products On Shopify

Can You Sell Digital Products On Shopify?

People often do not have clarity on what digital products are. There is confusion in the entrepreneurial market about whether new businesses should incorporate digital products instead of their physical counterparts. In the increasingly diverse marketplace,  people are continuously trying to engage in business activities with products that offer maximum returns.

Digital products are those that are not physically existent,  however have their presence on the online market.  Examples of digital products are e-books downloadable music internet television internet radio, etc. Digital products are by far the best products that entrepreneurs should venture safely within the online market.

Starting a store with digital products might just be the right option for you if you are thinking of starting an online store.  However, to build up the store you would need an e-commerce platform that provides you with the option of creating a website for your store.

Shopify is one such store that has the functionality and capability in providing platforms that can sell digital products.  It is pretty convenient to use a Shopify theme to sell digital products or services,  by creating a Shopify store. 

For that, you will have to download the free digital downloads App and set up the product descriptions.  If required you can set up the option for shipping as well.  The best part of selling a digital product is that you do not have to ship the physical copy of the product,  rather upon purchasing, a downloadable version of the product is what is made available to the customer.

Shopify themes have all the important tools that can help in building, managing and scaling a store selling digital products. The cost of buying the themes is also reasonable and might be accompanied by the monthly maintenance fee which is also affordable.

This article will guide you through the products that you can sell on Shopify Digital Store, explain to you the steps to set up the store.

How you can sell digital products on Shopify

The main purpose of the e-Commerce platform Shopify is to provide a prepopulated and customizable layout option,  on which it becomes very easy to set up an online store without the knowledge of coding.  You do not have to spend hours with the developer to establish your website,  rather you can set up your online store within a matter of a few hours with Shopify.  The tools and layout options are very easy to handle.  Shopify also provides a detailed guide on how to set up your online store using the settings option in the admin area.

The best part of the Shopify stores is that it provides the advantages of ease of use,  affordability,  and comes with advanced business analytics that helps analyze and understand your business and make changes to address the scalability issues.  Websites built on Shopify platform are fast loading,  and can easily be set up as a mobile application.

Shopify platforms provide the option of selling both physical and digital products.  Digital products are more profit-making, and the best way to venture into an online business scenario. 

The digital download feature of Shopify enables your digital store to integrate seamlessly with the functionalities of the platform.  The themes of Shopify come with advanced applications and features.  In most cases, the integrated applications and software packages are sufficient to customize the Shopify platform stores.  However, in the case of certain stores if the need is more complex, then one might have to download and install a third-party application to manage certain customizations.

Some applications that are used on the Shopify platform are Send owl, FetchApp, and Sky Pilot.

Another feature of Shopify is the 14-day trial duration which gives you a login to the Shopify platform where you can try your hand at creating a website.  This gives you an idea of how the Shopify platform works and what tools are available for the customization of your online store.  Once you are comfortable with the platform,  you can think of buying a Shopify theme that will work best for your online store.

 Categories of digital products that can be sold on Shopify 

While you plan to set up an online store,  a simultaneous activity that should be carried out is listing the products that will be showcased on the Digital Store.  There are tons of digital products available on the market that caters to all product niche, however some products that you can sell on Shopify digital store and listed below:

  • Applications and software-  this is a category of products that is most widely sold in digital stores.  These are easily downloadable,  which makes it easier for the customers to purchase these products.  They are mostly available on data drives and CDs that the customers need,  to install and run the software. You may also opt for a downloadable file which you can save on your computer and avail it whenever required.
  •  Online courses-  in today’s day and time then it has become increasingly difficult for people to devote time to focus on careerist studies,  online courses are the correct option,  that saves time of attending a full-time course while presenting a certificate after the completion of the course.  Most of the classes and study material for online courses are available as soft copies or can be found on mobile applications. 
  • Consumable content-  this digital product ranges from e-books, videos, podcasts, music albums and all such content that are meant for entertainment purposes.
  •  Usable content-  this depends upon the needs of several businesses but includes set off checklists, to-do list, datasheets, web elements, etc.

Most of the digital products come with a follow-up subscription or maintenance plan.  Hence, upon the sale of a product for the first time,  the business flow doesn’t stop but continues with the purchase of subscriptions and maintenance charges.

 How can you sell digital products on Shopify?

The use of the digital download app on Shopify allows you to send direct links to customers after the purchase of the digital product this link can be sent to the customer on the order page of Shopify or can be sent via the customer email ID. 

The entire process from purchase to sending the link to the customer is automated with the help of the tools that are present on the Shopify platform.  However, if you want to keep the process more manual, then you might make changes in your online store where you can send the links and file to the customer yourself.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to install the digital downloads App in Shopify:

  •         You have to search the app in the Shopify admin interface
  •         Next, you have to search for Digital downloads in the search bar and then select the digital download from the drop-down menu.
  •       Once the digital downloads page opens you have to click to add the app
  •       The final step is to  install the digital downloads App

 Now you are ready to add your digital products to your online store.

  Here are the steps to add the digital products to your online store:

  • You have to visit the Shopify admin interface and click for the products from the left-hand panel
  •  click on add product
  •  A page opens where you have to select information about our digital products.  Here you can add all the descriptions of the product title as well as at a price for the product.
  •  You have to uncheck the shipping option as this is not a physical product
  •  click the save product button
  •  You have searched for more actions under the product title at the top of the product page.
  •  Now you have to click on add digital attachment.  Upon doing so you will be redirected to the digital downloads App page.
  •  Now you can upload your product by clicking the upload file
  •  you can attach the files that you want to attribute to your products

 Once the products are added to the online store you can also manage the products from the admin area.  Once your business is up and running you can then take a look at the business analytics to make sure that you are fulfilling all the criteria as per the customer requirements.

Through the customization option that is available in the Shopify platform, you will be able to scale manage and elements of your products.  With the help of the frontend editor, you will also be able to see how the products appear in front of the customers.  Any change in terms of customization of the products can be done by the backend editor.  Whatever changes have been made in the backend will not appear to the customer unless the final settings are saved. 

As already mentioned, above you can also take the help of third-party applications in software if you feel that you need to enhance the look of the products even more.


Shopify themes are the best option to create an online store without much effort.  With the help of the Shopify platform, you can set up an online store in a matter of a few hours.  All the customization features are mostly included in the backend editor and can be used and managed through the drag and drop feature.

Shopify themes also come with continuous updates and modifications that are pushed automatically through an app that can be downloaded from the Shopify platform itself.  The Shopify themes are compatible with all browsers and can be used as mobile applications also.

The sale of the digital product runs very well on the Shopify platform. There are options available for downloading the links of these digital products. The ability to be able to send them to the customer directly is a much-admired function.  This way the seller stays in touch with the customers and generates the scope of doing future business by being able to sell subscriptions on maintenance packages for these digital products.

 While setting up your online store even if you come across any challenges,  the detailed description that is provided with Shopify themes breaks down the entire setup process in a step by step method.  You just have to follow the step-by-step guide to set up your online store and voilà, you are done!

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