Can You Dropship On Shopify from Walmart

Can You Dropship On Shopify from Walmart?

Dropshipping can be quite profitable when done the right way. With a Shopify Walmart integration, it is now possible to dropship on Shopify from Walmart. With lesser competition, Walmart is king in sales profit, hence, a great choice of supplier. You can easily import products and carry out bulk editing with Shopify, all the while getting access to the range of product niches from Walmart.

Read ahead, as we get into the broad brush details on how you can do so with an aim to spin good money!

Is Walmart Dropshipping Profitable?

Dropshipping Model Diagram

Dropshipping is a simple, flexible way of making your online business profitable. You might not be one of those who earn big money just by drop shipping, but it is possible to earn a decent income.

While the business of dropshipping is competitive with chances of failure being quite high, Walmart is one such platform that makes drop shipping lucrative. That, of course, has to do with the platform’s good will, reliability and product availability.

Whether Walmart drop shipping is profitable will principally depend on the kind of product you are opting to market. For instance, dropping niches such as pet supplies, sustainable products, fitness or baby products have higher chances of getting a better profit margin in the world of Walmart dropshipping.

On an average, Walmart drop shipping can have a profit margin of 15 to 20%. Walmart dropship can be profitable if one is able to take the advantages of factors like low competition and negligible upfront costs. Moreover, cutting costs down on transaction fees compared to other platforms can also be reason enough to have a rewarding Walmart drop shipping business.

Can You Dropship on Shopify From Walmart?

You can dropship on Shopify from Walmart by having a registered seller account on Walmart and a Shopify store. To dropship on Shopify from Walmart, you would need to conduct thorough product research before adding items to dropship.

You would want to make sure you choose products that Walmart allows you to dropship, ones that are available for shipping and are not in the forbidden category. 

You would also have to have a supplier ready once the order has been processed. Remember that Walmart only allows dropshipping through a reseller, a DSV or a seller of a drop shipped product. Dropshipping directly can land you in hot waters.

Is Walmart a Good Dropshipping Supplier?

Walmart Dropship Portal Page

How does a sales revenue of $75 billion in one year sound like? That’s right. That is how much Walmart made in the year 2021, and now it is the biggest company to exist in terms of sales revenue.

Trust me, that’s no fable when I say that Walmart is a fantastic choice for a dropshipping supplier and their 235 million visitors per month is just one proof of why.

Mere visitors do not mean conversions, and I agree. However, there’s more. Amazon, with more than a million sellers compared to Walmart’s hundred thousand, is bursting and cramped. There’s too much competition and with that comes a lot of risks.

Lesser competition in the Walmart marketplace allows sellers to gain more sales revenue. As a seller, your preferred dropshipping supplier should have a variety of products that you can choose from.

Not only does Walmart have the most unique product groups, but they also have an abundance of it. Tell me this, unless you are trying to sell an alien product, how can you not find your item niche from the 24 main categories and even the subcategories. A merchant’s dream, right?

It’s not only the quantity of available products that makes Walmart a good drop shipping supplier but the niches too. From luxury to home and garden to beauty, Walmart has it all. When you drop ship from Walmart to Shopify, you are also gaining the trust of your customer. That’s because Walmart has a brand reputation that they have built over the years.

Other than that, Walmart proves to be a seller’s choice of drop shipping supplier due to their customer support as well. They have a unique policy on price matching where they match the price of product post sales.

Moreover, you would be able to deliver products to your customers much faster, sometimes in one day, when using Walmart as a dropship supplier. Thanks to their free next day delivery option, you can have a supplier that does not just promise faster deliveries.

How do I become a DSV at Walmart

Walmart DSV Official Support Page

You must have heard about Walmart’s own DSV. Now DSV is a Drop Shop Vendor and is considered to be suppliers who are able to transfer products to the customers without the need for any medium.

Upon the purchase of a good, these suppliers will be the ones to carry out the fulfillment duties, however, the product sold or shipped will be registered under Walmart. Now every seller attempting product sourcing cannot become a DSV. If you are a regular and expansive seller, this program would be willing to accept you. To become the DSV at Walmart, you would need to ensure the following:

  • You need to have a registered business address along with the business tax identity. This tax ID is valid for people in the USA and is also referred to as Employer Identification Number (EIN) or Federal Tax Identification. Without an authentic business address and tax ID, you would not be able to complete fulfillment procedures.
  •  You will need to get W9, W8 together with an EIN Verification Letter. All three can be obtained by application to the Department of Treasury
  • You would also need insurance documents to become a DSV. Insurance documents of a business may include declarations, agreements, agreement letters, and loss or claim documents as well.
  • Lastly you would need to show the necessary papers relating to product safety.

How to Dropship on Shopify From Walmart (Step-By-Step Procedure)

To answer your much pondered upon query, how do I sell my product on Shopify at Walmart, you would need to follow a 4 step process where you would need to find products to sell, become a seller, give out necessary information and finally list to start sales on Shopify.

Here are the steps to follow:

Find products you want to sell

Walmart Homepage

Probably the most pivotal of tasks in the process to sell products on Shopify from Walmart is perhaps choosing the right products to sell. It can be quite daunting to choose from the sea of products and can be quite tempting to be wanting to sell trendy merchandise.

However, the math won’t add up if you do so. So, when choosing the products to sell, you would have to make sure that the product has a consistent high-profit margin and more importantly consistent demand in the market.

I do not recommend selling trendy products because you never know how long Walmart might take to approve the listing. You may also want to choose a product that does not increase your cost of shipping too much.

It’s smart to sell products that are easy to scale up or down according to the demand and supply. It is also important to have your trust in suppliers who have a good reputation in the marketplace.

Having a reliable supplier on board will make sure your goods are supplied on time while having the promised quality. Last but not the least, don’t forget to ensure that the product of your choice is not on Walmart’s list of prohibited items. 

Become a registered seller in the Walmart marketplace

Walmart Apply For Supplier Page

You simply cannot sell or dropship unless you have become a supplier on Walmart. Although many want to register and apply as a DSV on Walmart, you can only reap the benefits of being one when you have had abundant sales in the past.

To become a registered seller, you would need to complete an application that would require a business address, tax ID, and EIN verification. Other than that, you will need to enter your products categories and catalog, along with shipping details. As you advance with the application, you would have to fill in each of the details step by step.

Remember that you would need to attempt to show Walmart why you should be selected as a supplier. Walmart will look at your product niche, your product’s price contention, and of course your reputation.

Complete the onboarding procedure

Post approval as a registered seller on Walmart, you would have to complete the onboarding process. Now that you are ready to descend on the battlefield of millions of other sellers, you would be transferred to Seller Central for another signup.  It is also worth noting that the application approval to become a seller on Walmart can take about weeks.

Once your seller status has been approved, you will also be getting an email with an updated status on your application. This is the step where you confirm your payment methods and choose a payment medium. You would also need to enter your tax and business details while doing a final agreement check on terms and conditions. Always read the terms and conditions!

List and Sell on Shopify

Now is the time to merge the two platforms and mingle the products for some money making retail arbitrage. You can do so by choosing one of the following ways: integrations, bulk upload or open API.

For Shopify, you would obviously need the app and integrate the marketplace. Whether it’s the products or orders, you would have to sync each category. I suggest you can use Walmart Integration as an app to transfer products from Walmart to your Shopify store without much hassle. Here you can benefit from the in-build price alignments of this application.

For Walmart Integration in your Shopify account, you would need to add the app to the Shopify store, and then copy the URL to log in. Now install and configure the app.  Here you would need to add the client details.

How do I add items from Walmart to Shopify?

Adding items from Walmart to Shopify is simple. You would need to follow the steps given:

  • Once you have your Shopify and Walmart account all set up, you would need to integrate the two. You would want to look for Walmart Integration in your Shopify account.
  • Next you would need to add the app to the shopify store, and then copy the URL to log in
  • Now you would want to install the app and then configure it. Add the client ID and client secret to complete the process.
  • Choose any one of the import product options: All items available, products published or products filtered.
  • Next go to your Walmart dashboard to complete Profiling.


Is it legal to dropship from Walmart?

It is not legal to dropship directly to the customers on Walmart, but Walmart permits dropshipping once you become a registered seller or a DSV. You can only dropship as a reseller through other platforms like Shopify or seller of a drop shipped product.

When did Walmart partner with Shopify?

Walmart announced a partnership with Shopify in June 2020, allowing sellers to resell and dropship between the two platforms.

Does Walmart Allow Dropshipping?

Walmart allows dropshipping in one of three ways. You can dropship in Walmart by becoming a DSV or Walmart Drop Ship Vendor. Second, Walmart allows dropshipping for people who are resellers who procure items from other similar platforms. Third, Walmart allows people to sell products that have already been drop shipped.

Final Thoughts 

Walmart is perhaps the biggest platform in terms of sales revenue. If you have the right products to dropship on Shopify from Walmart, you can make a decent earning without much hassle. Integrating Shopify with Walmart allows you to have access to much larger customers, with lower risks of business failure. Make sure you choose products that deliver a good profit margin with decent demand competitiveness.

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