Can Shopify be used to Sell Services?

Can Shopify be used to Sell Services?

Shopify is one of the most widely used E-Commerce platforms.  With the number of its subscriptions crossing 5 million,  Shopify is used worldwide to create online stores. The benefit of using Shopify is that you can very easily create your online store in a matter of a few hours.  For this purpose, you do not need the knowledge of coding or expertise in any technical skill. 

Shopify has several things that are created to enable entrepreneurs to be able to select the theme that suits their business requirements.  The themes range from free to premium.  The paid themes are simply basic and do not allow a lot of features and options for changes.  However, the paid and the premium themes come loaded with features and functionalities,  that allows the creator to change many elements in terms of layout? 

The functions that are provided in the paid and premium themes allow users to incorporate different products along with stating their descriptions and images.  Hyperlinks, text, and icons can also be inserted into the webpages to make the store more interactive and fun. 

What can be sold on Shopify

The nature of the Shopify eCommerce platform is that it can be leveraged to sell an exciting category of products ranging from physical products to subscriptions and services. Many services can be availed by using the Shopify platform. Some services are like-

  • Consultation- on projects and specific subject matter
  • Training- like courses, webinars, and seminars
  • Appointments- doctor, spa, salon, beauty treatment, etc
  • Group and individual classes- academic, music, dance instrumental, etc
  • Event tickets- seminars, shows
  • Online- data entry, content writing, website designing, etc
  • Memberships- societies, groups, and events

To be able to sell services on Shopify you would just need some knowledge and I shall help you out. Services like conferences can be sold with the help of a booking app which sells places for the talks.  There are separate apps for Digital Services which are allowed to attach digital files to the product that you create.

Selling services on Shopify

When the digital products are added to the store what you have to do is download the digital download app which will have the description of the product of the digital file. Once the sale of the digital product goes through, the customer will receive a link over his mail from which he can download the real product.

Using my Shopify app to sell your digital products will not only help you to get more traffic to your store but also increases the selling opportunities of the products. Displaying your products will not only make way for your product sales into the marketplace but will also shape the future of the service industry.

Physical products at the store and can be selected by the customer very easily. However, service is such a product that depends mainly on the credibility of the service and is widely dependent on the customer’s trust in the service provider.  Therefore if you are new to the service industry it might take some time for you to make the kind of sales you would like to but that will give you the time to better explore the service industry first. 

One way to approach this is to select a target audience and products to cater to their requirements.  There are tons of profitable business ideas related to the service industry, especially with Shopify.

 Whenever you add any service to your Store, make sure to include some really good quality images for the services that you offer.  Also if you have been in the business of selling services for some time, you can add customer reviews and testimonials as well.  This will help the new customers to find the reference from which they can decide upon whether they want to avail the services or not.

Design a carefully worded product description that gives clarity about the services that you offer.  Use of slot management app on the store can help you with managing the booking slots and let our customers in the simplest possible way.  This feature will also help you sell those slots which are otherwise not in demand,  by adding some discount schemes for the specific time slots.

It is very easy to create the look of the Shopify platform. All the elements to create the look are embedded in the Shopify themes and can be managed from the Shopify admin area. All the features can be added and changed by the drag and drop method from the settings option. On the left-hand side of the Shopify themes, you have the settings panel, and once you click on the customize you will be able to run through all the elements that you can change. 

Depending upon how we would like your store to look you can change the elements one by one and keep the ones that need not be changed.  you can add multiple pages to one Shopify website,  that can integrate the product descriptions, newsfeed, and customer reviews.  Numerous icons are part of the Shopify theme that can be used to customize the look of your Store. 

Moreover, the Shopify themes come with a 14 days free trial. During this trial period you can get the hang of the Shopify platform and know about its functionalities.  Once you feel confident that you will be able to handle all the tools on the platform, then you can start creating your store. 

Customizing  the services

Once you build your Shopify store now it is time to get into customization. Let us discuss how much flexibility you will have in terms of designing your store. 

You can add videos to your store to make the interface more interactive in a way that the customer feels they are in control.  This being the fact that services are qualitative and depend entirely upon customer satisfaction.  If the customer can book their slots according to their schedule,  make and handle cancellations on their own, then most of you will see them coming back to your site.

The addition of some of the elements might need some investment from your side.  You can also manage some customizations from the internal Inventory of the store that the number of customers who can see and purchase a particular service.  This is mostly applicable in cases of appointments,  group classes where the number of slots is fixed and you can a lot only allot so many slots to the customers.

Another aspect of selling services is that services can be bundled with physical products as well.  So you can Sell Services individually or as a part of another product package. This is an advantageous situation and you are not selling the product and services but also making higher margins in terms of sales and profit.

 Features  to Sell Services

The service industry is typically time-oriented.  This is because of the fact that services are availed by the customer depending upon the availability of time and also depending upon the time that the store owner can give to the customer.

  •  A simple booking interface helps the customer to manage and book a slot with ease. Create an interactive interface via the booking widget to offer personalized booking experiences to the customers.
  • Integrate the business analytics in such a way that you get a report of all the bookings.  This Record-Keeping is important to manage time and slots that are offered for booking.
  • The interactive booking visit that you are offering to the customer should be simple and should be easily accessible so that all the booking details made by the customers are readily available to them.
  • The booking interface should also have features like change in booking and cancellations so that if there is an inconvenience the customer can make the cancellations themselves.  This will not only save your time and effort also will give the customer the leverage of time management.
  • Try and sync the booking slots with a booking calendar like Google calendar.  This way the customer will be able to view the bookings readily and can set up to be sent a reminder suggesting an upcoming booking.


The service industry is heavily in demand as people have got mood used to wedding services online or at the comfort of their home.  So this is the perfect time to venture into the service industry and tap the potential of this business.  If you are new and Krishna and want to set up an online store,  make sure to include services as part of your product list,  as the sprint review the highest turnover within a short duration.

Selling services is the best way to venture and capture a customer base. Once you can make a mark in the market with the help of your service products it will be easier for you to venture into physical products as you could have already established your brand name. 

If you are thinking of creating your online store on Shopify then you will have lots of help from the Shopify theme to develop manage and scale your business.  Shopify themes come with 24/7 support and free upgrades for one year.  This acts as a backbone for your business as you will be able to approach the Shopify team whenever you feel that you are facing any issue with your Store. 

The regular updates that are pushed onto the Shopify platform help you to keep your Store at par with the recent market trend.  The features also come with easy checkout and payment options.  The payment options in various currencies help you broaden your store to different verticals.  The availability of numerous apps and software to enhance the functionality of your online store built on the Shopify platform helps you to give an edge to your Store.

 With the addition of the news feed pages and the ability to blog about hair products you will not only be able to build a huge customer base but can also link products on social media platforms thereby resulting in more traffic towards your Store.

 All these benefits are been provided by the Shopify theme makes it a perfect E-Commerce platform to start your online business.

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