Can I Cancel Shopify At Any Time

Can I Cancel Shopify At Any Time? Best Way To Do It!

Do you want to build your online store? Are you looking at Shopify as a plausible option? If yes, then, you might have a few questions regarding your obligations and commitments. Do you have to honor any contracts? Can you cancel anytime once you are on a plan or even when you are still using the free trial? Here are a few things that you need to know.

The main question—is whether you can cancel Shopify anytime—the answer is yes. The process of cancelling your Shopify store is easy and simple and can be done by going into the admin area in the store’s dashboard.

Do remember that your store will be cancelled immediately and it cannot be re-assessed regardless of making a re-payment within a short span of a few months. Its URL will no longer work. Moreover, your store would be cancelled immediately if you did not commit to a paid plan and your free trial comes to an end.

Therefore, if you make a decision to cancel your store because it isn’t profitable or for some other reason, then, you can do so with ease.

Let us look at the cancellation process in deep so that you can easily do it if you ever want to after you decide to sign up for Shopify.

About Shopify Cancellation

A free trial is offered to all the new store owners of Shopify. This ensures that you can build a store, test out the store, and use the store for free of cost till the trial period ends.  

If you then decide to go with a paid plan for the Shopify store, then, you can pay the subscription fee either during the free trial or after the free trial ends. This will ensure that your store will keep running. However, you need to keep paying the monthly subscription fee regularly to keep up with the store. Either way, all the new store owners have a chance to use the free trial period for a short duration of time.

The payment will be automatically taken on the same day each month. You will be paying a monthly fee for using the platform to host your store and also, for using all the functions of Shopify.  However, a reminder is sent 5 days prior so that you are intimated about the impending payment to Shopify.

Are you on a paid plan on Shopify and do you want to cancel the store? Then, it is best if you take action before your next billing takes place as the cancellation happens with immediate effect. You have to take some steps and actions in the admin area to do the cancellation.

Your account is frozen and the store is paused if you did not select any paid plan during the time of selecting a free membership. This just means that you did not give your credit card information at the time of signing up for the free trial.

Now, there isn’t anything that you are required to do for this step to happen. However, if you do want to get your store back, you just have to get back to Shopify and select a paid plan.

Your data will be erased and your store will be deleted permanently if you did not take any action for a few months.

Other than the monthly subscription fee, there are other fees that you might get charged for. They are fees for premium themes and apps. These need to be cancelled, too.

Ensure that you cancel your premium apps before you cancel your Shopify store and if you have any doubts, contact the support of the premium app. The information of the support is usually present on the app page of the premium app.

How To Cancel Your Shopify Store?

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to do anything if you are on a free trial.

However, if you are on a paid plan, these are the steps that you have to follow—

  •       Login to the dashboard
  •       Click on Settings
  •       Click on Permissions and Plans
  •       In the Store Status, click—close or sell the store
  •       Click on close store
  •       Enter the password
  •       Select a reason and then, finally, click close store

Your store is successfully closed.

If you want to double-check it, type in the URL of your store in a new tab, and if it doesn’t load, it means that you have successfully closed your store.

Also, a good practice would be that you contact Shopify support to ensure that you wouldn’t be charged from now on.

If you do decide to move ahead and get back your store, you have 30 days from the time of cancellation to get it back. All the data and the configurations can also be restored. After the 30 day time period, your store would be permanently deleted and you would have to build a new store from scratch.

Tips For Cancelling Your Shopify Store

  • It is recommended that you freeze or pause your store before you close it. This will ensure that the data of your store remains the same for when you are ready to restore it and the plan’s subscription fee is also reduced to $9 per month.
  • It is best that you check for any pending payments or premium application subscriptions so that post-cancellation, you are not charged unnecessarily for things that you are not using.
  • The cancellation of a Shopify store takes place with an immediate effect. Therefore, it is best that you cancel the store a few days before your next impending bill.
  • It is recommended that you make the most out of your free trial. Ensure that you build your store and also, test the platform to the maximum before you pay the first month’s subscription.

Wrapping Up: Can I Cancel Shopify At Any Time?

Therefore, is there a possibility to cancel a Shopify store at any point in time? Of course!

It is one of the benefits of using Shopify. Moreover, with a free trial that does not require you to put in your credit card details—Shopify is one platform that you ought to try because there is nothing to lose whilst trying it during the trial period. It is completely risk-free.

It is extremely cost-efficient, and user-friendly, has multiple e-commerce tools that one might ever need, and, has a clean and professional storefront. Shopify packs everything that you might ever need in an e-commerce store.

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