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There are a series of plans to choose from, ranging from $29.95 per month to $299.95 per month. The more you pay, the more options you’ll have when it comes to thinks like sales thresholds:

  • * We assume the average order value to be $50

    When using special PayPal powered by Braintree pricing, we presumptively process credit/debit cards for just 50% of transactions. For all plans, the rates for PayPal non-credit/debit card transactions are 2.9% plus 0.3¢ per transaction.
    Standard Plus Pro Enterprise
    Total Price $73.45 $117.45 $332.95 $2033.00
    Plan Fee
    10% Discount for Annual Plans
    $29.95 $79.95 $299.95 $2000.00
    Fee Estimate
    Paypal Fee
    10% Discount for Annual Plans
    2.9% + 0.3¢ per Card Transaction
    $37.50 2.5% + 0.3¢ per Card Transaction $33.00 2.5% + 0.3¢ per Card Transaction $33.00 2.5% + 0.3¢ per Card Transaction
    Transaction Fee
    $0 $0 $0
    Features Included
    Online Storefront
    Point of Sale
    Amazon/ eBay/ Walmart
    Facebook/ Instagram
    Google Shopping
    Mobile Responsive Website
    BigCommerce Mobike App
    Page Builder
    Groups & Segmentation
    Abandoned Cart Saver
    Stored Credit Cards
    Google Customer Reviews
    Product Filtering
    Customer Product Filtering
    Price Lists
    Unlimited API Calls
    Online Sales
    Calculated on a trailing 12-Month basis
    Upto $50K
    Upto $180K Upto $400K Custom
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The BigCommerce e-commerce platform offers a wide range of features and abilities for online enterprises. The pricing of the platform is the most important consideration to make while utilizing BigCommerce.

BigCommerce’s total cost must account for a variety of components, including monthly subscription fees and transaction fees. BigCommerce price calculator from ecombusinesshub may help merchants in estimating costs and determining the most cost-effective pricing plan for their biz.

This blog examines how the BigCommerce price calculator works and how it could help online retailers.

What is a BigCommerce Pricing Calculator?

BigCommerce Pricing Calculator

A BigCommerce price calculator is a free online service that may assist online merchants in estimating the costs associated with utilizing the BigCommerce e-commerce platform. This tool considers a number of variables that impact the cost of utilizing the site, such as the number of products displayed, the monthly order volume, and the price plan chosen.

Merchants may estimate the costs and expenses related to utilizing the platform through the BigCommerce price calculator. This estimate may assist merchants in making informed judgments as to which pricing scheme is most suited to their company’s demands and budget.

It is not possible to overestimate the value of employing a BigCommerce price calculator. The expenses of using the BigCommerce platform may quickly rise, especially for merchants with a large sales volume or a poor profit margin. Merchants may decide if the expenses of utilizing the platform correspond with their budget and goals by evaluating their costs ahead of time.

Finally, a BigCommerce price calculator is a valuable tool that may assist online merchants in making smart choices about which pricing plan is the best fit for their demands. Merchants can employ this tool to estimate their costs and choose the best pricing structure for their company.

How to Use Our BigCommerce Fee Calculator Work?

On the website’s calculator page, you may use the eComBusinessHub BigCommerce fee calculator. The next step involves entering information regarding the business, such as earnings, the average value of orders, and monthly order volume.

You must additionally select the method of payment as well as the third-party services and applications that will be made accessible on the platform. The fee calculator will approximate your monthly BigCommerce fees, including membership fees, transaction costs, and any other expenses after you have input all the necessary data. This estimate might help you compare pricing options and decide which one best meets the needs of your business.

Overall, by offering a fast and simple estimate of your monthly costs on the platform, the eCombusinesshub BigCommerce fee calculator may save you time and work. Moreover, it may assist you in developing a budget and pricing plan that will optimize your revenue and overall performance on BigCommerce.

Why does BigCommerce charge transaction fees?

BigCommerce derives a significant portion of its income through transaction fees, which are a percentage of each sale completed via the platform.

BigCommerce imposes transaction fees to cover the expenses of payment processing. When a consumer purchases anything from your BigCommerce shop, the platform must process the payment and deposit the cash into your account. Payment processing may be expensive, and transaction fees assist to offset these expenses for the platform.

Although transaction fees may be costly for online retailers, they are an unavoidable element of utilizing an e-commerce platform like BigCommerce. By knowing why BigCommerce charges transaction fees, merchants can make smart pricing and budgeting choices to optimize their profitability and overall performance on the platform.

Why we built the best online BigCommerce fee Calculator?

Ecombusinesshub has developed a BigCommerce fee calculator to help companies determine exactly how much it will cost to use the platform. Among the costs associated with starting and running a BigCommerce business are platform, hosting, credit card processing, and marketing.

In addition to comparing plan prices, the calculator also accounts for the various BigCommerce plans and features. The calculator allows companies to compare the prices of BigCommerce with those of other well-known e-commerce platforms to determine which platform is most suitable for their needs.

A BigCommerce fee calculator can help businesses quickly estimate their actual expenses and choose the best option based on their needs.

How much does BigCommerce Cost?

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of features and capabilities for online businesses. The pricing of BigCommerce is, however, one of the most important aspects to consider.

BigCommerce offers four pricing levels for online merchants, with yearly plans discounted by 25%: Basic, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise. The Basic plan begins at $29 per month and offers all of the necessary tools for running an online shop, such as unlimited goods, storage, and bandwidth. The Plus package costs $79 per month and offers extras like abandoned cart recovery and consumer segmentation.

The Pro package, which begins at $299 per month, offers sophisticated features like Google Customer Reviews and unique SSL certificates. Lastly, the Enterprise package provides customized assistance and additional capabilities such as custom facets and product filtering, as well as custom pricing.

Why does BigCommerce charge a monthly fee and a transaction fee?

To offset the expenses of maintaining your online store, BigCommerce charges a monthly subscription. You will get access to their software and resources, as well as technical assistance and security measures, to guarantee the efficient and secure operation of your online company. A more expensive option will have more features and support, whilst a less expensive plan will have a cheaper monthly charge.

In addition to the monthly cost, BigCommerce charges a transaction fee on each sale completed via the platform. This fee is computed as a percentage of the selling price and is imposed in addition to any obligatory payment processing costs. The transaction fee is used to cover the expenses of processing payments and maintaining your online store’s transactional components.

While BigCommerce’s fees might rapidly mount up, they are intended to help companies develop their online sales by offering a variety of incentives and services. You could be able to utilize your online business and enhance client experiences by acquiring a subscription fee that gives you a wide range of services and tools.

Similarly, the transaction fee is meant to pay for the costs of processing payments and monitoring procedures, enabling you to concentrate on growing your business.

Are there any hidden costs I should be aware of when using BigCommerce?

Yes, One potential hidden cost of using BigCommerce is the cost of third-party apps and integrations. Although BigCommerce provides a variety of connections with popular applications and services, some of these integrations may be subject to extra fees or charges. Moreover, if you need a bespoke integration or app, you may need to engage a developer to construct this integration, which might increase your total expenditures.

Another consideration while using BigCommerce is the cost of bandwidth and storage. Even if the platform’s price plans include a specific quantity of data and storage, you might have to pay more if your online marketplace receives a great deal of traffic or has a large variety of item listings.

It is also important to be mindful of any additional processing fees. BigCommerce’s payment services, such as PayPal and Stripe, can bill you transaction or processing fees, adding to the price of your shopping cart.

It is vital to properly study the platform’s pricing plans and feature sets in order to be aware of any potential costs associated with using BigCommerce.

Who built this BigCommerce cost/fee calculator?

EcomBusinesshub’s BigCommerce cost/fee calculator was created by a group of skilled programmers and qualified e-commerce specialists. A calculator is a useful tool for retailers that want to figure out the expenses related to their BigCommerce business. All forms of BigCommerce expenses, including hosting fees, transaction fees, payment gateway fees, and more, are easily and precisely estimated by the calculator.

When was this BigCommerce fee calculator last updated? Are prices up to date with the most recent price changes?

The BigCommerce fee calculator on eCombusinesshub was last updated in 2023. The calculator gives an in-depth breakdown of the prices connected with utilizing BigCommerce, including transaction fees and monthly membership charges. The calculator’s pricing is up to date with the most current price adjustments.

The calculator is updated regularly with the most recent price information to guarantee that consumers can correctly assess the overall expenses involved with utilizing BigCommerce. Since BigCommerce pricing is subject to change, the calculator is frequently checked and updated to guarantee that the costs reflect the most recent changes.

Are BigCommerce Plan Prices the same around the world?

The cost of a BigCommerce plan might vary depending on the area and currency. BigCommerce plan costs are often shown with the user’s current location’s currency. Local taxes, currency rates, and other charges that could be tacked on top of the main membership cost may also affect the final pricing.

Prior to deciding which plan to choose, it is crucial to verify the price and currency details for your particular location. The cost and total value of the plans may also be impacted by the availability of certain features and services in particular areas.

Is BigCommerce Fee Calculator Useful for dropshippers?

Yes, a BigCommerce fee calculator can be very useful for drop shippers who are looking to estimate the costs associated with using the platform. Dropshipping may be a viable business strategy, but it also has its own set of difficulties and expenses. Dropshippers may have a comprehensive knowledge of the expenses connected with utilizing BigCommerce by using a fee calculator, which includes monthly membership fees and transaction fees.

This may assist companies in determining their profit margins and making educated price selections for their items. Moreover, a fee calculator may assist dropshippers in comparing the expenses of various BigCommerce plans and determining which plan best meets their demands and budget. Ultimately, a BigCommerce fee calculator is a useful tool for any dropshipper wanting to develop a lucrative online company.

Why Is A BigCommerce Fee Calculator Important?

A BigCommerce fee calculator is a useful tool for any online retailer thinking about adopting the platform. BigCommerce provides a wide range of features and functions to help businesses establish and handle their online shops, but these advantages have a cost.

By serving clients in estimating costs related to utilizing the platforms, such as monthly subscription fees and transaction fees, a fee calculator may be useful for helping merchants in determining if BigCommerce is a suitable option for their budget and business objectives.

A Fee calculator may also assist merchants in comparing the expenses of various BigCommerce plans and determining which plan provides the greatest value for their requirements. Merchants may use a fee calculator to make educated choices about their online company and guarantee that they are maximizing income while reducing expenditures.

Ultimately, a BigCommerce fee calculator is an essential tool for every merchant looking to develop a successful and lucrative online company.


Finally, the eComBusinessHub BigCommerce price calculator is a must-have tool for every online shop thinking about adopting the platform. The calculator may help merchants make educated choices about their online company and ensure that they are maximizing revenues while reducing expenses by giving an exact estimate of the costs connected with utilizing BigCommerce, including monthly membership fees and transaction fees.

Whether you are a small company owner or an experienced online retailer, the eComBusinessHub BigCommerce price calculator is a useful tool for assessing the costs and advantages of utilizing the platform and determining which plan provides the greatest value for your requirements. The calculator is also absolutely free to use, making it an accessible and simple tool for anybody thinking about utilizing BigCommerce for their online business.