6 Best Shopify Themes For Cosmetics (Affordable & High Converting)

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but maybe they forgot about cosmetics! Nothing lights up a girl’s face more than a new makeup product she’s been eyeing for a while.

So if you happen to sell Cosmetics, then you need to make sure that you keep those best-rated

Products on the top will get all attention buzzing in no time. You also need to make sure that your site looks bright and color-coordinated. Apart from that, it would be best to hop on all the new trends in the Cosmetics market.

If all this seems like a lot of work, then a simple solution for your online Cosmetics shop is getting a Shopify Theme For Cosmetics. We all know the importance of a well-designed website, and it is helpful to both the customers and buyers.

And for a website to look and feel like it’s professionally maintained can be a blessing because many customers would trust a website that is looked after by a pro. But the catch is that professionals would charge a hefty price and many small business owners are on a tight budget. So the simple answer to all these problems is getting a Shopify Theme For their business.

Although many Shopify Themes are available for free, it’s still the need of the hour to invest in a paid and well-designed theme. As we described above, a theme would add a spark to your online store and catch the attention of many new customers. Moreover, if you get a theme that fits and compliments your business, you’ll have those customers coming back to you and shopping more.

This is especially true for all those small cosmetic businesses- Considering you own an all-natural, 100% organic hair products business and you are trying to expand your business online, then the first and the most logical move would be to invest in an excellent Shopify theme with green colors and decorations like leaves- this not only explains what your brand stands for but also attracts potential customers.

Keeping the importance of a good theme in mind, if you all want to look for something fitting for your site, then you’ll have to keep searching for an ideal theme that could bite off a great deal of your precious time. But fret not! We are here to help you figure out just what you need.

6 Best Shopify Themes For Cosmetics

1. eCom Turbo

eCom Turbo is possibly the quickest Shopify theme on the market, promising increased conversions without bloating the code. eCom Turbo has to be on the top of any Shopify Themes list.

Customers will trust your Shopify shop because of its straightforward and decent design. The

eCom Turbo theme also distinguishes your website from all the other Shopify websites that use either the free Brooklyn theme or the Debut theme.

The best part is that you’ll gain lifelong access to an eCom dropshipping program as well. It’s a worthy but straightforward theme that would attract customers to your cosmetic store for sure!

This theme is Instagram-friendly as well. The design is so seamless that clients arriving from Instagram won’t notice a difference. If you are already promoting your cosmetics on Instagram, eCom Turbo will undoubtedly give you an upper hand.

With the eCom Turbo theme, you receive all essential features at a low cost.

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2. Konversion Theme

Following the eCom Turbo theme is the Konversion Theme. If you’re seeking an appealing, well-designed shop that will convert visitors into prospective customers, give Konversion Shopify Theme a try.

As 80 percent of your site’s traffic originates from mobile devices accessing different social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, the Konversion Theme For Shopify is primarily built for mobile consumers to enjoy easy online purchasing, which is very worthwhile considering most women find new cosmetic products from social platforms.

The most significant aspect of this Konversion Shopify Theme Review is the adaptable and user-friendly design, which helps you to develop strong connections with your customers and visitors while also allowing them to buy things from your site or business safely.

Users can also enjoy a 30 days refund policy. Konversion Theme is a must if you believe that your social media selling platform will bring in traffic because Konversion Theme is formed on a mobile-first basis.

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3. Booster Theme

Who wouldn’t want to boost their sales, customers, and traffic? Booster Theme allows users to do exactly that! Being one of the most well-known and popular ones, Booster Theme takes its place in all the Shopify themes reviews.

It’s tremendously fast and has an excellent performance level. Product upsell programs are also included in the theme, which may display clients new items that could interest them.

Additionally, it enables you to market things you wish to sell, exceptionally discounted items. This theme has a lot of functionality, yet it’s still straightforward to use. The theme comes with various choices, child themes, and functionality to meet even the most demanding customizability requirements.

The cost is reasonable, and since it has so many features, businesses may save even more money by not installing as many Shopify tools to their sites. If you have many cosmetic products lined up with different varieties in a single category, then this theme will take it up a notch and boost your sales.

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4. Turbo Theme

Let’s talk about the Turbo Theme now.

Predictive search (live), accelerated Quick View function, slideshow and full-width banner with multiple action buttons, custom text and colors, multiple configurable page templates for more advanced layouts, extended style options for newsletter subscriptions, and video banner sections that support Vimeo, Youtube, and original MP4 videos are just a few of the outstanding features of Turbo.

Turbo is updated regularly, so consumers may continue to benefit from its new capabilities without paying any additional payments. Without modifying any code or settings, you may enjoy all of Turbo Theme’s integrated features. Furthermore, you may add a few features to your shop that you believe are necessary from themes outside the Sandbox (both free and premium).

Turbo is a theme that you must go for if you particularly own a large store because all its extensive features will make your store grow.

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5. Flex Theme

Flex has a similar appearance and feels to the turbo theme. As a result, if you’re accustomed to Turbo, flex will feel highly similar. Flex includes a large number of templates, sections, and control options.

The Flex Shopify theme gives you complete flexibility and a plethora of choices to help you realize your store’s vision. It allows users to drag and drop shop sections to create the store layout they like for their Shopify store.

For your cosmetic store, the flex theme can give you ultimate control and customization options. It has several layouts and sections that are precisely calculated to allow you complete control over settings and setup at the press of a button. Along with your customers, you would be a fan of this theme.

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6. Artisan Theme

Product or service-based organizations will find this theme to be a great fit.

Artisan makes it simple to develop a customized form that allows customers to contact you, enquire about your services, or subscribe to your newsletter. This function is fantastic for capturing leads that you can turn into profits for your company.

You may construct a table that highlights essential features, price bundles, and more, whether you sell a few goods or a few services. It’s a fantastic feature for keeping your visitors on the website.

Artisan is an excellent option if you’re searching for SEO-friendly Shopify themes that will help you sell your items or services. The Artisan theme lets you construct a portfolio page with your feature photos. This theme would light up the website if you offer cosmetic services or products.

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Conclusion For Cosmetic Shopify Themes

Shopify themes range in price from free to several hundred dollars, depending on the level of customization you want. If you’re just getting started, there’s nothing wrong with using a free theme. However, investing a little more upfront for a premium theme is well worth it.

I hope you liked my article on the best shopify themes for cosmetic store owners. Try them out and hopefully you will see a major increase in your store’s conversion rate!

Thanks for reading!

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