Best Shopify Themes for Accessories

6 Best Shopify Themes for Accessories

Would you ever go to a shop with no lights and painted with all dull colors? No, right? Well, then the same applies to your online shop! If the website you are selling on isn’t attractive and eye-catching, then it just isn’t something that your customers will be interested in shopping from.

Now you must be wondering how to grab the attention of your audience. If your webpage looks appealing with all the right colors and perfect themes, then you’ll get more customers. So, for that, having a particular Shopify Theme is simply a blessing.

Many Shopify themes are available for free, but those won’t cut. Free articles often do more bad than good, and investing in an excellent Shopify Theme will get the shopping going!

You’ll never sell as successfully as you can if your Shopify theme doesn’t radiate a feeling of refinement and professionalism. When your shop’s looks and performance are poor, even the world’s most extraordinary things become hard to sell.

The Different Accessories You Can Sell With a Shopify Website

Mobile devices like smartphones have become a vital part of our daily lives, just like computers have. Customers buy a lot of smartphone accessories online in order to improve the functionality and durability of their devices.

There is a lot of demand for accessories like mobile covers and screen protectors. Online sales of these products assure a steady flow of revenue. In addition, some purchasers choose to make a fashion statement with their cell phones by accessorizing them. Top Shopify Products to Sell on the internet may help store owners make a fortune.

Likewise, young people are increasingly modifying their cars to make them stand out and improve their performance, making it a popular pastime for them.

It’s a good idea for store owners to sell car accessories like phone holders and headlamps because they are in high demand, as are seat covers and steering covers. A steady stream of income is guaranteed because the products are in high demand all year long.

Another thing to consider is the explosive growth of internet gaming over the past few years. The growing popularity of live-streaming gaming on sites like Twitch and YouTube has led to an increase in the demand for various gaming equipment. Gaming headphones, gaming seats, consoles, keyboards, and many other accessories are made available by online store owners.

Shopify is a powerful platform that simplifies the process of selling online. To sell on their websites, store owners can select products from a variety of niches. Products like the ones above are expected to be in high demand in 2022, and merchants who know what Shopify Products to Sell may expect big profits.

Shopify Products to Sell in 2022 for your business use case are discussed below. It also provides a brief overview of Shopify’s functionalities.

The Top Shopify Themes for Accessories

Here we will discuss 6 Best Shopify Themes for Accessories to boost your business:

Let’s dive in without further delay!

1. eCom Turbo

single product themes

eCom Turbo is the best and the topmost theme for every business. eComTurbo is a powerful Shopify theme that has been utilized on several well-known and profitable websites.

eCom Turbo is much more than a theme; it’s a full-fledged solution that helps users get so much out of existing e-commerce websites. It’s terrific for making your accessories look appealing, and it would quickly grow your profits.

This theme is simple to use, powerful, and adaptable, making it great for website owners who want to promote their accessories on Facebook or Instagram without going further into the overall website.


  • Fast loading speed
  • Adaptable
  • Flexible
  • Feasible cost
  • Homepage customization available
  • Easy setup with training

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2. Konversion Theme

Top Converting Shopify Themes

Next up on our list is Konversion Theme. Suppose you’re searching for a clean and simple theme that enables you to establish a high-performance accessories shop without requiring much customization quickly. In that case, you’re going to love the features this theme provides.

With cart page and checkout upsell choices, as well as an add-to-cart, upsell popup, there are more than 20 tools for upselling, scarcity, and conversions. The creator provides free support, and there are various premade layouts to pick from.

Shopify Konversion is simple and responsive, and it has been shown to cut loading speeds by up to two seconds in specific testing. It looks great on mobile devices and desktop computers, and it’s simple in design. If you use it for your accessories business, it will surely flourish.


  • Simple but useful design
  • Boosts sales
  • Built with mobile layout in mind
  • Support team
  • Good pricing

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3. Booster Theme

Converting Shopify Themes

Coming to the Booster Theme now, the first and the essential thing in it is that its

specially designed to boost your sales, which means you’ll love the buzz your site would have!

For example, if you are selling computer accessories like a mouse, it will show mousepads right next to it- in short boosting or even doubling your sales. Apart from this kind of sales promotion, it will also let potential customers see what other people are buying, which is profitable for the accessories business.

Unlike many popular Shopify themes, there are no monthly fees associated with the applications that come with this theme. Instead, you’ll be able to keep your expenses under control.

This theme is fruitful if you’d like to boost those sales!


  • Sales boost
  • Suitable for people on a shoestring budget
  • Easy & simple design
  • Amazing sales promotion
  • Great functionality

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4. Turbo Theme

Four one on our list is the beloved Turbo Theme. As you would have guessed, the name turbo says a lot. It’s also designed to level up the sales.

Turbo has high-demand features such as product sliders, mega menus, active mini carts, infinite scrolling, adjustable page designs, predictive (live) search, custom contact form, fast shopping choices, and compatibility for Shopify’s new Product Media, in addition to its power and stability.

While Turbo is ideal for a large inventory and high volume stores, it’s also an excellent fit for any size store seeking a competitive edge – one that doesn’t compromise style or flexibility for efficiency. Your huge accessories store would be happy with this theme.


  • Superfast performance
  • Great for large volume stores
  • Functional and effective
  • high-demand features

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5. Flex Theme

Now, if you’d like to flex with your Shopify themes, then this theme would undoubtedly be your number one choice. Flex is among the most distinctive Shopify themes available.

Flex is not only the most adaptable Shopify theme, but it also comes with a substantial surprising number of 12 “styles,” and, unlike most other Shopify themes, you can import the styles in their entirety, including all pictures and placeholder information.

The theme has a highly versatile design that enables you to quickly alter the layout to build any form of online business. If you have a unique collection of accessories, the flex theme will surely add a glow to them! (If you are wondering which is better flex theme or turbo, you should check out this article on Flex Theme Vs Turbo Theme here.)


  • 12 premade designs
  • Very unique
  • Versatile
  • Suitable for any business

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6. Artisan Theme

The last theme on our list is Artisan is a highly adaptable Shopify theme designed for service-based businesses. Still, its clean aesthetic plus distinctive capabilities make it ideal for many types of companies seeking a professional image.

A bespoke contact form, product tables, an attractive Quick Shop implementation, and a variety of changeable backdrop shapes are all included in the theme.

Artisan also contains built-in FAQ and gallery/lookbook pages and customizable page templates for creating more content-rich layouts quickly and easily. All the accessories you sell with this theme would look chic and aesthetic.


  • Flexible
  • For service-based business
  • customizable page templates
  • chic and aesthetic look

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Wrapping up: Best Shopify Themes For Accessories

A well-chosen Shopify theme will make it easier to run your website and give you a leg up on your rivals. Customers will go to a competitor’s website if your style does not entice them or if they have difficulty navigating your product catalog.

There are a plethora of eye-catching Shopify themes out there right now. Once you’ve trimmed your options down to those six given above, it’s going to be easier for you to make a choice.

You can select any of the themes above for your accessories store cause all of them are picked after extensive research. However, look for a theme that compliments your accessories and overall business.

That was all from our side, and we hope you found these themes appealing. Thank you so much for reading!

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