Best Cross-Sell Apps On Shopify

16 Best Cross-Sell Apps On Shopify (2022)

E-commerce businesses have to maximize the order values of every purchase made by consumers. There are many ways to do this, but using a cross-sell app or an upsell app from Shopify can be the best option for any business.

For most online retailers, the features provided by cross-sell apps can be an essential tactic. Implementing such apps can allow you to improve profit margins and revenues. Also, consumer satisfaction can be increased as you provide a better product with a great deal.

Here are the 16 best cross-sell apps on Shopify compared:

1. ReConvert

ReConvert is an upsell and cross-sell app by StilyoApps. You can easily design your order page without any technical knowledge.

  1. Can be used to create a thank you page using a drag and drop interface.
  2. Includes simple landing page builder, add popup, widgets & more.
  3. Get useful information like customers’ birthdays, and issue surveys.


  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Offers not only upselling options but also more conversion optimization features and consumer engagement
  • Can be customized in many ways for a personalized experience
  • Staff in customer service are always ready to help


  • Extra features might be unnecessary for a few businesses.
  • Navigation and configuration can be complicated.

2. Candy Rack

Candy Rack is a one-click upsell & cross-sell app by Digismoothie. Make your product pages with a super-easy setup and launch them in a few clicks.

  1. The AI-powered algorithm can choose to upsell products or you can do it yourself.
  2. Eye-Candy Design & UX
  3. Optimized for desktop and mobile.
  4. There is also a risk-free trial & in-app chat support available.
  5. A newly added feature can perform advanced targeting to set custom rules


  • The free trial gives a chance to test the app out before buying a paid plan.
  • The performance is smooth with responsive and reliable functionality.
  • Users can rely on friendly and quick customer support.
  • Configuring this Shopify app is easy and simple.


  • Restrictive features for the pricing structure.

3. In Cart

In Cart is an app by In Cart Upsell to boost sales with relevant targeted upsell & cross-sell offers. What’s on offer? Here is a look.

  1. There are pop-up upsell offers on the product page & cart to boost conversions.
  2. Provide customers with upsells and cross-sells while customers are transacting with relevant products
  3. In-Cart integrates with the best developer resources, and provides live chat support.


  • Stellar support provided with quick response
  • The automated upsell can work better than choosing a specific item

4. UFE Bundles

UFE is another cross-sell and upsell app on Shopify by Upsell Funnel Engine. It can be used for free gifts, quantity breaks, BOGO, volume discount, mix & match, etc.

  1. One-click upsell system – it’s quick and fast.
  2. Personalization and customization as you need
  3. Boost AOV via product-wide volume discounts, bundle products, and Frequently Bought Together suggestions.
  4. Ultra-lightweight upsell app – without the need for coding.
  5. Post-purchase upsell system, and special offers.


  • Easily customized to your store theme
  • Fast customer service response
  • An affordable app for people on a small budget


  • This is basically free to install and use, but some premium features can require additional payments.
  • Can be expensive
  • May have feature overload

5. Honeycomb

Honeycomb is an upsell and cross-sell app by Conversion Bear. It provides cart & post-purchase cross-sell and upsell offers

  1. Displays discounts when customer loyalty is at its peak.
  2. Non-intrusive upsell offers and cross-sell offers that your people can like.
  3. Easily customize upsell funnels and offers that look great on all devices.


  • The free plan has everything small businesses need for upselling.
  • Highly sophisticated features make it possible for brands to expand and still use Honeycomb.
  • Beginner-friendly app and does not require developer knowledge.
  • Honeycomb’s customer service is extremely helpful.


  • The free trial is too short.
  • Brands may not understand or fully test the app within a week.
  • The paid plans may not affordable for small enterprises
  • Configuration can be time-consuming.

6. Zoorix

  1. Zoorix is a cross-sell and upsell app by a company with the same name – Zoorix
  2. One-click suggestions for volume discounts, frequently bought together, product bundles, & sticky cart drawer
  3. Offer cart & product page cross-sell upsell with AI or manual product recommendations
  4. quantity discounts and slide cart
  5. Bundle deals & in cart upsell products concerning quantity breaks.


  • Safely install app
  • Have a favorite Shopify theme? Integrate it easily with just about any!
  • Configurations & setup
  • Troubleshoot and fix issues
  • Dedicated support for your needs


  • Small issues and errors

7. OutSell

  1. OutSell is an upsell and cross-sell app on Shopify by BEAM
  2. Increase your AOV by showing customers related products and discounted time-sensitive offers
  3. Recommend products using a wonderfully designed minimal space offer popup on the product page.
  4. Start reconverting with personalized recommendations, and frequently bought together products


  • The App is free, very simple to set up,broad-ranged and use
  • No slowdown after installing it, nor when the popups are firing based on triggers
  • Used to add good, attractive upsell popup for stores


  • Could have compatibility issues

8. Monk

Monk is a cross-sell and cart upsell app by Monk Commerce. The full-funnel upsells & cross-selling app can help you increase AOV easily.

  1. Create offers across the buyer journey, right from the time they land on your page till the time they checkout
  2. 10+ triggers & logic to create upsells and cross-sells exactly as you want.
  3. Translate text, and change color or font to fit with your store
  4. One-time effort to set up your website’s upsell funnels.
  5. Does not hamper the performance of your store
  6. Intuitive mobile-first design with 24*7 live support


  • Great app that gives some of the best results
  • Their support team is helpful.
  • The app is very broad ranged and easy to use.
  • It has a wide range of selections to apply to upsell and cross-sell.


  • Selling option bundles are basic and need a bit more work to come up with competitor app standards.
  • Issues with BOGOF, unable to include a free item into a bundle, or be able to discount more if customers buy more.

9. by Extois an Upsell & Cross‑sell app. You get your customers to stay for longer and browse by turning the shopping experience into a game

  1. Display more of your products to every user with fully automatic panels
  2. Get your visitors to buy more with no-popup upsell product recommendations


  • This app is very easy to use
  • The pricing model is good for beginners


  • Could be pricy for some people with low turnover

10. Upsell & Cross-Sell Kit

Upsell & Cross-Sell Kit is a Shopify app by LogBase. It can potentially increase your store’s average order value up to 15%.

  1. These upsell widgets across multiple placements
  2. Improve the visibility of related products that many usually miss out on eCommerce.
  3. High conversion with seamless theme integration.
  4. And you get to do all this, with no annoying popups!


  • Impressive customer service
  • Can add changes, personalizations, and additions
  • Useful feature – a “shop the look” area and the location of it
  • Customized popups


  • Can be slow sometimes to load

11. Cross Sell PRO

Cross Sell PRO is a free cross-sell app by Buddha Apps (Zero-Carbon). The design sets you apart & boosts the interest in the recommended products.

  1. Add the most successful Amazon-like Recommendations
  2. Add the Recommendations with the ON/OFF button.
  3. No coding or setup is required.


  • Great app, really easy to use, a lot of customizations for the recommendations on the products, the home page, and check out.
  • This app really helps a lot for stores with a budget, plus the support team is constantly there to assist you with any issues


  • need better design or customizability to better integrate with different styles
  • some aesthetic issues preventing the launch of the app

12. Vitals

Vitals is an app with 40+ marketing apps by Vitals and comes with features that makes conversions quicker.

  1. Import unlimited AliExpress reviews with photos.
  2. Request reviews after order delivery
  3. Highlight featured reviews to boost conversion.
  4. Create unlimited Upsells and Cross-sells.
  5. Offer deals for product bundles, goals, and volume discounts, and Buy One Get One (BOGO).
  6. Record & replay visitor actions like clicks, scrolls, typing, or moving across store pages.
  7. Spot, fix and improve drop-off points to boost conversions.


  • Bundled with tons of sales-boosting features.
  • Free up occupied space from installing multiple apps that can drain your store’s energy.
  • Increases your ecommerce website’s load speed via Cloudflare caching.
  • Unlimited upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Very few third-party integrations for this app like Klaviyo and MailChimp.
  • Analytics is very basic and could be improved.

13. HA

HoneyApps is an upsell app with bundles and free gifts by HoneyApps. You get 1 click recommendations for Frequently Bought Together Pro.

  1. One-click recommendations for cart & Post-Purchase cross-sell, and Discounted Upsell
  2. Uses non-intrusive special offers.
  3. Use free design templates or create your own with a few clicks


  • Gain insights and actionable information about your visitors.
  • Offer upsell or cross-sell with every sale.
  • opt to increase sales even when the customer clicks the “No, thank you” option using follow-up offers.


  • Few little glitches around placement on the Cart page
  • Sometimes not compatible with certain subscription apps
  • The free version has conditions

14. KAD

KAD is an upsell and cross-sell app by KAD::Systems. It offers one-click upsells & cross-sells that can help skyrocket your average order value.

  1. Use multiple products as well as collections to start an upsell funnel.
  2. No programming skills needed to get started
  3. You can set up upsell & cross-sell offers for your Shopify store.
  4. Customize each upsell & cross-sell banner by a visual style editor.
  5. Pop-ups and sliding banners do not destroy usability.


  • Very useful app for all stores to increase sales and suggest custom products to customers.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • You can add separate products or the whole collections to the banner


  • Some more ways to customize the popup layout is needed
  • It is a little pricey for new companies that do not have regular sales

15. AfterSell

AfterSell is a post-purchase upsell app by BEAM. Use it to increase your AOV – by just one click. It’s easy to check post-checkout upsells and get more frequently bought cross-sells.

  1. Offers time-sensitive storewide discounts.
  2. Helps promote conversions with timers.
  3. Recoversion is easy – bringing in repeat customers and more revenue
  4. You get personalized recommendations to help you sell more
  5. Landing pages and web pages can have storewide discount pop-ups for better conversion – and ties in with all parts of buyer journey.


  • The free plan is generally ideal for small businesses and startups.
  • Paid plans are economical.
  • Users can set for the Thank You page.
  • Setting up and using this app is seamless.


  • Features might not be enough for large businesses.
  • Users have reported a few technical issues.

16) PickyStory

How about finding an upselling & cross-selling bundles app for Shopify? PickyStory is the answer.

  • Offers several pricing plans to suit merchants of all sizes
  • All plans are free for the first 14 days.
  • Create and display deals on any page in your store
  • Auto-sync your inventory at SKU level for all deals
  • Add optional discounts to any deal
  • Customize your deals to integrate seamlessly into your store


  • A diverse range of upsell bundles
  • Display deals as you want on any of your web pages to boost conversions
  • Sell an aggregate of products as one
  • Look for the Bundle Builder deal. With this, you can choose products and customize them in a mix-and-match format.


  • Issues with themes
  • Some of the features can be tricky to implement


Want to take your Shopify ecommerce experience to the next level? Try out these apps today!

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