AMZFDY sounds like a bunch of captcha letters you need to enter to verify that you are not a robot. But it’s not! There is some method to this madness. AMZFDY is Kevin David’s latest course on Amazon FBA. If you’ve been in the industry long enough, you’ll know how lucrative Amazon FBA can be or claims to be. According to Kevin, AMZDFY is a done-for-you Amazon FBA automation business. All you need is $40k to invest. Sounds promising? Before coming across this course, I was already familiar with Kevin David’s other Amazon FBA Ninja Course, which is on the market for between $997 to $1997. Is this course any good? Today, we will explore Kevin David’s AMZDFY course and discuss if this can be your next big thing.

Getting Started

Unlike most programs, you do not get the usual sales page with AMZDFY. Your first step is to complete a 15-minute consultation, and you will be told that you need to have $40k ready to invest. AMZFDY also comes in several member tiers like Diamond, Platinum, and Standard, and you must subscribe to any one of these plans the moment you sign up. From Standard, Platinum, to Diamond, the fees get higher with each level. And if you are wondering what’s in it for them, they take a 30% cut from all your future sales.

Understanding AMZFDY

Once you get more in-depth into AMZFDY, you will realize that Kevin David and his business partner aren’t using the Amazon warehouse to fulfill orders like most people. Instead, they are storing and fulfilling items from their warehouse, which, according to them, is more cost-effective. And as for the products, AMZFDY works with notable brands, and all you need is an authorization letter from each of them that allows you to sell their products in your Amazon account.

This is where you come in…

You are probably still wondering what your role is in all of this. According to Amazon’s policy, one user is only allowed to have two accounts. Therefore, what AMZFDY is proposing is that you set up an account where they will subsequently run the business for you and take a 30% cut of all your sales. As you can see, they’ve figured out a loophole to bypass these two accounts per person rule. While this sounds great, you won’t have much flexibility in choosing what products you want, and they even make you buy the inventory upfront. With this method, the entire risk would be placed on your shoulders while Kevin and his partner remain risk-free. To qualify for the program, AMZFDY will ensure you have enough money in the bank to finance your inventory purchase.

Positive reviews

There are many success stories for AMZFDY that you can find online or on Kevin David’s private Facebook group. However, this is fishy if you consider the fact that this Facebook group has been around since two years ago, while AMZFDY is a new product (February 2020). Based on my further research, I also uncovered some people stating that Kevin and his team pay for positive reviews. According to one user, users who leave positive reviews will get his course for free.

My Verdict

Overall, the AMZFDY model works only if you have the money to spend on inventory upfront. Then, you will be given valuable items to sell on your Amazon account.

However, my concern about the course is that the risk 100% relies on you.

You are the one who has to fork out the upfront investment, and you are the one who will be held accountable if you do not sell these products.

For Kevin and his team, they will not have a care in the world whether or not you sell the products because, for them, they’ve already received your payment for the products upfront.

Therefore, whether or not they help you to sell off all your stocks is one thing you should consider.

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