3DCart Vs Shopify

3DCart Vs Shopify

Do you want to start your career and be your own boss, but cannot find a trustworthy platform to do so? Then, this blog is the one that you are looking for. Here, we are going to tell you certain things about these two platforms: 3D cart and Shopify, and which one is the better platform to use for the beginning of your career.


Here are some points about Shopify to let you know about the features of this platform:

  •  It helps you to build your own store without the knowledge of coding or without the need to learn coding.
  • The look and the design of the store is very professional as well as attractive in the looks of it.
  • You have the option to select from the free themes as well as the paid ones.
  • It has a store of apps that will help you add a tad bit of functionality to your store.
  • You can review each and every app after using it, and view the other reviews as well.
  • The color consistency and the vividness of the product and real-life pictures help you to identify if the product is good or bad.
  • You can sell both physical products and digitally uploaded products and get profit out of it but you can do it by installing a free application.
  • You can use the drop-shipping feature where you don’t pay the original merchant immediately and get paid for it by the customer and let the original merchant ship the product to the customer and pay for the product later on.
  • It provides features to manage the tasks without including third-party applications.
  • You get a partner program as well as an affiliate program that helps you make money without even opening a store.
  • There are three plans for opening your store in Shopify; it starts from $29 to $299.
  • Shopify offers a 14-day trial.
  • Shopify offers an app called Shopify lite which gives you and your store a head start by including a buy now button in it to receive payments on your website or your Facebook page.
  • It deducts some earnings from your account on every order you get in case if you are not using the Shopify app itself. 
  • There are more than hundreds of apps for your payment gateway that add another feature in the app and the customer can either give their payment offline as in cash or card or online transaction as net banking or other payment gateway applications.
  •  The customer support is available 24/7 and has different guides and techniques to assist you with your problem. You can get in touch with customer support via phone call or live chats.
  • This platform allows you to create many sales platforms by interacting through Instagram and Pinterest. The email marketing support is also very supportive and integrated with the Shopify account to create automatic email replies as well as broadcasted email replies.
  • It also allows you to get replies about your published product and answers all the questions the customers have and write your product description, all kinds of descriptions for your real or digital images too.
  • It also allows you to create blogs about your product by giving an honest review and outlook about your product. It is also a great way to sell your product by advertising it in your blog.
  • You can see your analytics through Google Analytics, tracking your sales, profits, customer reviews and ratings, the popular products by you, the number of customers adding your product in their cart, etc.


Now, let us look at some features of 3D cart as well:

  • As Shopify, this platform also helps you build a store without learning how to code.
  • The design and the themes are also very professional and can be obtained as free and paid options.
  • There are many apps that help you to add more features to your store.
  • There is a portion of the application where you can write your experience as well as your feedback and check what others have experienced too.
  • The ease of use makes it easier to manage the product and the features of the store.
  • Here you can sell physical products and the products digitally downloaded and receive your profit from it without using or adding an application in it.
  • The drop-ship method is also used to make the payment simpler and easier to ship the product to the destination.
  • It has a huge collection of features for inventory management too, to help you save time and make it easier for you to keep check about the products you have sold and published.
  • There is a partner program and an affiliate program which allows you to make a profit without starting your own store.
  • There are four main plans in 3D cart which are approx. the same price as Shopify except one is $19. 
  • It offers a 15-day trial.
  • The 3D cart gives you an ad credit of Snapchat ad for $150 and $100 for Bing ads.
  • Here, you have to pay the monthly fee and the transaction fee as the payment gateway.
  • Here you can find hundreds of payment methods and applications as payment gateway and allows the customer to either pay offline or online as per their respective decision.
  • Their platform is also available 24/7 as promised by Shopify but the support and reliability are a tad bit better than the platform of Shopify.
  • This platform also has a lot of email marketing support and the marketing applications themselves. It allows you to write your own description of your product and talk about its features and answer all the questions asked by the customers and get reviews based on that.
  • You can also create blogs that help you to write about your product and showcase your talent in writing. It also helps your product to grow and more customers will be interested to buy that product.

These points will let you know what features these two online platforms have. But there is one question to answer: 

Which Platform Is The Better One And More Reliable

To answer this question and to draw the conclusion, we need to know “what is the difference between the two platforms or in other words “SHOPIFY VS. 3DCART”.

The difference is given in the table below.

Shopify gives you more themes than 3dcart, making 3D cart less demanded and popular. Though the themes of this platform are professional, the themes are way too expensive and vague whereas Shopify gives it either for free or paid.
It has a wide range of customizing the themes to personalize the themes by flex themes or the front end editor. It allows you to edit the themes too but it doesn’t have multiple choices to choose from.
Shopify has a lot of apps that add features to your shops, and they keep updating and changing it for the better use. 3D cart also provides certain applications to add some features in your account but it remains constant and is not updated as per the needs of the entrepreneurs.   
The apps that the platform has are lot more in amount and hence resulting in more reviews than 3D cart The apps are very expensive and have to be paid resulting in low processing of apps and hence low reviews than Shopify too.
The layout and the consistency are much vivid making the platform more professional and organized. The color and layout is decent but not that great and well-structured as Shopify.
For the digital products to sell in Shopify, you might need a free app to install in the store to receive payments. For the same digital products, there is no need to download or install any file or app to receive the payment gateways by the customer.
From the biggest retailers, Shopify collaborated to drop-ship the products to their customers with a lot of options for the customers. Though it does have drop-shipping service but still is not that developed and having big retailers or applications to collaborate with. 
Shopify also allows you to serve the customers with their print on-demand option to help them customize and personalize their products to make it special and unique for the customer and the owner of the product. 3D cart only has integrated with Pinterest and has only few options for drop-shipping items or products. It does not provide such service or facility to the customer and yet does not satisfy their needs.
Shopify has provided online courses to understand entrepreneurship, to learn how to create the business, manage it with ease and take leadership in every function or event of the product brand or the product itself. They do not have such privileges or such courses to learn entrepreneurship, but they provide it only with premium or paid applications which are very professional but very costly and expensive to purchase. Not many store owners own these and thus they do not have a lot of reviews.
It also gives facilities such as making changes in their pricing ,shipping, discounts, sale, vouchers etc. without including any third-party applications. 3D cart offers inventory management too but it is too pricey or expensive to buy and that is the one and only reason that they don’t have a lot of reviews as they should have because they charge too much and give less than expected.
Shopify’s affiliate program pays you a commission of 200% of the fee that your referral pays to the program and gets included from your Shopify account. 3D has the same policy except, the 200% of the commission changes to 300% that is added directly to your account.
Shopify’s monthly program contributes to 20% to pay you  3D cart monthly program contributes up to 30% to pay 


and your account. you and your account.
Overall, Shopify is better in case for the affiliate program as well as the monthly program as it has better customer service and overall service Though 3D cart provides a tad bit more percentage of salary, it still is not the best choice as their customer service and the other facilities are not that great as promised by them.
Shopify offers three main plans for the online courses as well as the applications with the opening of the store and adding products in it. One is $29, the second one is $79 and the premium one is $299. All of them are to be paid monthly. The 3D cart offers 4 main plans which are at a similar rate with Shopify and are to be paid monthly too. Except the catch is the least of the subscription is only for %19. 
Shopify’s subscriptions are more justified compared to 3D cart as they provide more flexibility, functionality and better support with the reviews and the applications created free for use by the owners of the account.

Shopify does provide another app or platform called Shopify lite which helps you to earn profit without starting your business and that profit is added to either your website or your Facebook page and the startup payment is only $9 a month.

Even with the lowest subscription of 3D cart, you still don’t get much of the productivity and freedom to do something such as Customizing, personalizing  and organizing the themes, design, color, price, inventory and the program and plans as Shopify gives you.

3D cart does not  provide any platform except the platform itself but it does provide ad credits where the credits are $150 for Snapchat ads and $100 for Bing ads.

Shopify deducts some part of the profit from the account in case you have been using other payment gateway applications than the Shopify itself. In 3D cart you don’t have to pay an extra fee, you are only paying for monthly and transaction fees which are $10 a month.
In Shopify, you get 24/7 customer service and is available in phone calls and live chats and assists your doubts and gives guidance to your doubts and nooks and crannies In 3D cart, live chat in customer services is not available as the phone call option in Shopify which can be a  huge necessity sometimes. They also don’t guide your doubts to the fullest.
No complaints have been put up about the customer service or about the usability of the platform. A lot of complaints of customers have been put up About their usability; their overall ratings are quite low in a particular application.
The platform is much better and more reliable than 3D cart This platform is very true to itself  the promises  they make but are not always reliable.
Shopify stores a wide variety of facilities and offers collaborating and interacting with Facebook and Instagram which gives a widespread opportunity  promoting your product. 3D cart also has email marketing features but it is not that great and reliable to use. They also don’t get good reviews or any kind of reviews for their less experience and their use is a bit less than the applications used by users in Shopify.
In Shopify, the abandoned emails are sent for free for those who send information in the checkout and did not purchase the item. But it is all done in the platform itself and no extra application has to be added. Though 3D cart is better in this field but it still does not prove or has some kind of evidence that it is really better than Shopify in this field or background. They have all kinds of potions that are there in Shopify but it is either too expensive to purchase or it does not work properly or functionally.
It does allow you to create a blog of your own product or the project you are selling. You can write your description about your product and justify it by product reviews but it is optional. All it does is show that the product’s description and an honest review about your product or how good your writing can be. It also helps your product to grow and attract the customers to buy it.  Similarly, like Shopify, 3D cart also provides a blog your own product feature. But of course their design and the themes are going to be very different as well as the writing experience. They all have the reviews of your product, and they can help your product be more popular and attractive for the customers to buy.
The analytics of your store is displayed by the application called Google Analytics but the only difference is that Shopify shows you about your store growth, your popular products and how much they are sold, the pricing increase and the profit and losses. It helps you to look at your assets of the store and cancel them with the liabilities to know how much profit you have made. 3d cart provides your store analytics too through the same application but it doesn’t provide the extra facilities until and unless you pay for it. It only comes in premium and you have to pay for it monthly but for the same analytics and more features added to it, you can create your shop in Shopify.


Through these points of differences, it seems that 3D cart as an online shopping platform has more cons than pros  and in the case of  Shopify, you get more pros than cons. And the plus point is that it  provides extra features to apply in your store and your product with the feature of drop shipping and having collaborations with big retailing brands and apps. You can write your own blog and it is free. So from my perspective, it is a much better platform than 3D cart unless you have a different perspective. I hope that these points are totally understood and considered correct and helps you to decide which app you want to build your career or your store where you can buy as well as sell and commercialize your product. And on the end note, the conclusion is that Shopify beats 3D cart and does prove that it is better and much more efficient and 3D cart.

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